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Nitrogen treatment for genital warts

Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone might be able to help me out.  I was diagnosed with HPV a while ago (low risk very minor warts appeared).  I actually had a few sub-skin; meaning they weren't visible unless you stretched the skin out and almost looked like hair follicles; removed yesterday by my dermatologist using a nitrogen q-tip treatment.  Since then, the areas where she applied the nitrogen treatment has gotten very red (not sore) and just looks unappeasing.  I am seeing a girl right now who is aware of my condition and who also has had the same condition in the past but is willing to proceed with sex as long as we use condoms (obviously).  I just was wondering if there were any types of topical creams and such that I might be able to use to speed up the healing process and make these red spots look less shocking.  

Also, once these things heal over, is it likely that they will leave a permanent scar?  Thanks all.

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Also I thought I might mention that I've applied Lotrimin moisturizing lotion to these spots as I figured the vitamin-e might help my skin heal but I don't know if this is just wishful thinking.  Thanks.

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hi my dr used nitrogen treatment on me then prescribed me warticon cream to use afterwards also!! i found the skin was very red also but this died down after a few days or so, though the warticon cream, by the 3rd application, causes it to become quite red again but it always goes down and virtually back to normal!
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Thanks for the comment.  Just so I'm clear, is the warticon cream something you use after the nitrogen treatment just to make sure that you've zapped whatever warts were present.  Essentially is this cream similar to Aldara or is this supposed to help the redness go away after you've been treated?  Additionally, if I had this treatment done Tuesday morning...is it safe to say that most of this redness should subside by Friday night?  I am just curious as to how much explaining I'm going to need to do in terms of being somewhat marked up down south.  Thanks again.
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sorry i should hav made that clear, yes warticon is similar to aldara, it was not given to take down redness or swelling but to be sure any infected skin is treated!! if your situaltion is similar to mine then yes i would say the redness will hav subsided by tomorrow though there will still be some scarring, though this will in time fade, my treatment was in the perineum area and it looks like it did before any treatment (minus the wart) and i had the nitrogen treatment 4 weeks ago, although it was back completely normal after 2 weeks!!
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Thanks so much for your comments Alv.  I've still got marks down there that have turned into a like a purpley blood-like color but I'm hoping that these will be gone by tomorrow.  Thanks again.
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