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I have been to two ENT's to diagnose what I believe is oral HPV. I have blisters, small clumps of white spots (along the back of my throat and wisdom tooth area) , and both came back and said there is nothing that would alarm them. One even called the lumps Lymphial tissue. I have a confirmed case of genital warts. My question is how do I find out for sure I don't other than a visual inspection, and what should I ask? I feel as if there is a foreign body, and I know that sometimes we look for symptoms as patients, but I have so many checks that it worries me.
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If the ENT's are saying it isn't HPV, I would trust them. However, if you can't stop worrying you might want to go again and ask for the spots to be biopsied. Just to add, oral HPV would not present itself in the form of a blister. Like I say I wouldn't worry if I were you as not only are the ENT's very knowledgable, oral warts are also quite rare. Just explain that you are worried and would feel more confident if the spots were biopsied.
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Do not trust the ent they are still people. If you have General warts in your private area and your using ur mouth during sex its mostly thatis what u see. ( remember people without parasites don't get any symptoms  people with do) so most likely you have the HPV parasite in your mouth. Do you constantly feel like something is stuck in your throat? Do you feel like there is an increase production of mucus?
These are the main sign of oral hpv.

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