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Options for internal wart removal?? HELP

I have genital warts and the problem is that I do not have insurance nor do I have the money for treatment.  I have read about alternative treatments like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, garlic, or vitamin supplements.  The problem is that mine are internal, in my vagina and anus.  I will be able to see the doctor in 3 more months but that is a long time.  I have also heard that they can go away on their own, but mine seem to be getting bigger and its been developing for a month now??  I know there are a bunch of treatments online, but I dont know what works, especially since mine are internal & because I cannot have it shipped to  my house.  I am currently taking garlic, elderberry extract, iron, and vit B supplements, but dont really think its working.  What can I do... Help!!!
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First of all, the HPV low risk strains those causes genital internal/ external warts tend to shed over a few years and are benign (non-cancerious)... The time they shed over actually depends on the immune system status of your body, if it is good, it is likely that your body will build natural immunity to get rid of the warts... Experts and most of the researchers believe that your body usually gets rid of all the hpv infections within 6 months to 2 years... Whether your body completely gets rid of the virus or it becomes dormant is still a matter of conflict in experts... The better is to seek treatment for the warts... The internal warts are usually treated with laser treatment (warts burnt) or cryotherpy (warts are frozen off)... It is good to help your immune system to boost with vitamins and other herbs but there is no such study available that proves its complete effectiveness in treating the warts... For external warts, there are dozens of treatement options but if you want to get it treated in the privacy of your home, Aldara & Podophyllotoxin (Wartec) have a good success rate... Please seek medical advise by your doctor and avoid any over-the-counter treatments...
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