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Oral HPV high risk

My results are Hpv type 31 positive.
I have oral too, i can feel in the mouth, i had little warts there for 6 months.
1. Can i use Aldara Cream for the inside of my mouth / troat???
2. If i will use Aldara for mouth / troat what kind of bad things can happen???
3. There is other medicin who can cure oral hpv high risk???
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dont do self diagnosis, the doctor he is only the one can tell you if that is wart or not, mostly its not..
other thing dont ever try to use aldara its for genital extrnal use only!!
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Thank you for the answer! I've made all posible analisys and they found nothing, no bacteria or other usual disease. Dr. said if there is high risk hpv they will not know, i'll know only if this will become cancer :(((( ..... I cannot wait for the cancer to appear, i have to fight. I'm 23 years old but my imun system does not fight like for other girls. I already took vitamins but no results at all......I have on my internal lips little wart, i felt with my tongue that now it's not only one, there are 3 :((.............What shall i do???
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