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Oral HPV type 31 killing my spirit

I have been diagnosed with oral hpv type 31 (high risk for cancer) i have genital hpv too (and cervix hurt with some blood), im a woman 23 years old.
I took a lot of suplements, vitamins in past 10 months.
I dont know what to do, is getting worst and worst :((. My neck is hurting me very much, i cannot sleep good.
I know my life is ruined but i cannot change that :((.
Please tell me what to do.....shall i wait for canger all my life? :(( You have any advice, medicin who can help?

Thank you!
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Honestly, at your age most oral and cervical HPV passes by itself due to high turn over of  cells. So it doesn't even matter that it is high risk. Could the pain/blood in the cervical area be due to rough sex? As for the oral/throat pain does it feel like a sore throat or something else? Do you have a fever, pus in the throat or swollen lymph nodes under your chin area or around that area? I mean I wondering if you have strep throat or something else? HPV usually doesn't hurt. You can see your family practise doctor if you are worried about your health. But the current guidelines are to not test for HPV for those under 30. But you should still keep your PAP smears up to date. Have those been normal?
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Thank you very much for the answer!
I have no sex at all, i'm afraid to do that because the skin at the entrance of vulva also hurt :(.
I test myself for hpv because the rest of analyses were all good, even candida test was good now (i had it for 3 years, now is gone).

I was infected with hpv 4 years ago, my first(ex) boyfriend infected me (i have sex only with 2 boys, the second was virgin), after i was infected 2 years i was feeling bad, than my warts become smaller (THAT TIME I DIDNT KNEW WARTS ARE HPV, i was for the first time 1 year ago at the doctor). When i started having sex with the second boyfriend the  warts begin to grow, probably i should wait for hpv to pass and do not spread.

I have a little cervical wound, no blood (my english is not good).
My Pap Smear never changed, i have Class 1 (normal).
My troble since i've meet HPV was candida.

I had oral sex 2 or 3 time, after that at 1 or 2 months my neck started to hurt me like hell, my tongue is verry red down and verry white up :((.
Is hard to swallow, and i have small warts on my tonsils.

The problem is that doctor said hpv will never go away, even if will not make cancer, will stay in my body , because he said if didnt clear in 4 years, it will never clear :((.
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Hi Dollinne,
Well genital warts are harder to clear than HPV in the vaginal/cervical area. There are creams, freezing them off and other ways the doctor can try to get them to clear. It is possible the genital warts on the outside will not clear. But these will not become cancerous. The high and low risk internal ones in the cervical area generally at your age will pass with time. A few people don't clear the internal ones but the majority of people at your age do. So that is why you should keep up your PAP smears. The mouth/neck problem is another story. It sounds like you may have yeast in the mouth? Plus maybe something else in the throat. Have you seen a doctor for the throat problem? What did your doctor say about the throat?
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I've made a lot of analysis since my neck started to hurt me, they were all negative, less candida. I treat candida and then they found the results good, it passed some months since i treated. But the pain didnt go away.
2 doctors saw my neck, i saw it too, by camera, it looks ok, but is painfull.

Today i will have a test for oral hpv, the result will came in 2 weeks. They will make the test from faringian exudates.

I go for Pap Smear every 6 months.
You have any ideea, what test shall i make for oral hpv, i mean test like Pap Smear to find if there is any changes of my cells.?

I have little warts in the oral cavity ( 1-2 mm) (has same structure as pimple), sometimes grow, or sometimes get smallet that i cant even feel them with my tongue.

You think if hpv can clear in more than 4 years for some people, or if it didnt clear in 2 years will never clear?

Thank you for encouragement, that make me feel better!

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Well, I hope your oral HPV test comes back negative. The low risk types like type 6 that cause genital warts are superficial and won't cause cancer so it is a matter of looks and are not serious. But again you can try getting they frozen off. If they come back do it again. If they are low risk type 6 warts inside the vagina it is nothing to worry about. As for the oral HPV well they usually go away too. But it is good to keep track of whether they are high risk types or not. They usually take a swab of the cells in the mouth, for oral HPV and they do a molecular test that is a PCR test that makes many copies of the organism if it is present.I think it is hard to say if the oral ones will clear or not. The main issue is are they high risk types or not. If low risk wart like type 6 there is nothing to worry about. If high risk you can have them monitored over time. I hope this helps.
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Thank you, i hope the test will be negative too.
I only have 1 strain of hpv - type 31 (high risk), that come positive for genital area, is weird because it usually do not cause warts, but in my case create warts.

I'll come back with news, and i pray God to have good news.
This autumn i have my wedding and i dont wanna be so depressed as i am now.

I'm taking Isoprinosine, i'm eating very healthy, i have 2 months since i've changed my life style.
I dont drink vinegar anymore, before i use to drink bottles with vinegar, i was obsesed. I also quit sugar.
And i'm eating a lot of food that specialists said are good for cancer.

My future husband had warts too, he took it from me, but his warts almost dissapear completely in 3 months, he also had small warts in oral cavity and those dissapeared completely.

Keep in touch! God bless you!
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