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Oral warts likehood from giving oral sex , in the presence of genital warts ?

Dear doctor hunter handsfield , im asking my question and im so much worrying and so much sadness feeling in my heart , I have been engaged in unprotected  oral sex  with my wife 9 times . I had some 2 little bumps like 3 milimeters that I had for 5  years ago  without knowing or suspecting anything , I was thinking it was normal because they never grew in size or multiply , I didnt even know about hpv , neither my wife , its been one year and half now that we got married , which means having them for almost 7 years ,im so much worried for my wife because she was in direct contact 9 times with the warts inside her mouth , and sometimes in contact with sperm in her mouth as well  , she didnt show any symptoms in her genital area , or in her mouth , and I remember the first night of marriage we started by oral sex fisrt . She is virgin and never was touched by anyone before apart of me , thats why im feeling so much sadness , and feeling so much guilty if she will develope something because of me . I just went to see a dermatologist about it its been 2 months she said it was genital warts and i got the warts frozzen with cryotherapy .

please doctor can you tell me about the likehood of developing oral warts due to this direct contact ?

Does hpv live in sperm ?

I was giving  oral sex to my wife  many times , more than she did , im I at risk as well even without symptoms In my wife ?

Is kissing safe , because now she is against kissing and having like paranoya about it ? Please doctor I need so much your help about this ,
Best regards ,
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None of the doctors on this site post here anymore. Sorry. But here are my answers based on what I read what the doctors posted.

1. HPV does not live in sperm. It only lives on genital skin. This is why condoms provide very little protection. Genital skin on men resides on legs, thighs, buttocks, scrotum, penis, etc. Most of which are not covered by condoms.

2. With active warts on a penis, any contact with it can lead to infection. However, passing HPV via oral sex is not as easy as it is passing it via genital sex. Oral sex is not safe and never was. Both you and your wife should get an oral exam from your dentist annually. If any bumps are identified, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon who will remove them and biopsy them.

3. Kissing (deep) is also not safe when one person has oral warts. Without the presence of oral warts, it is safe to kiss or share drinks, etc. Assume for now, kissing her is safe.

4. Your wife should get tested for HPV annually. Women can get procedures done if any precancerous cells are found. Men cannot be tested for it, as you know.

Waiting 3 months (after warts are removed) is the lowest amount of time I've seen for people for recovery. The act of genital sex can cause more warts. Latex condoms have been proved to help with recovery and avoid more warts but it is best to refrain from all sex during the recovery period. Your highest priority is recovery as well as her good health.

Based on everything I have read, it is almost impossible for her not to have it genitally. Having sex with active warts infects people. Most likely, your wife has the same strain of the virus that you have, genitally. The absence of warts on her does not mean she doesn't have it or won't get a positive diagnosis years from now. 50% of all infected people have no symptoms. If she does get a positive result, you are the cause. Men are usually the carriers.

Bottom line: You two share the same strain and can (after your recovery) have all of the unsafe genital and oral sex you want for the rest of your lives because you cannot re-infect each other. If you see more warts, do not have sex. Get them removed and re-start the recovery period. Stop smoking as it leads to more warts, if you smoke. Take vitamins that boost immune system. Reduce stress and get more rest. Stay married forever and assure your wife that genital warts are just cosmetic issues and are not life threatening. You cannot change the past but you can help your future. Hers too!
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Thank you for your answer , but I was reading some answers from doctor hunter , saying that oral warts are very very rare, even performing oral on an infected person .
he said also that even if there is an active infection means warts I think !! , he said warts are unlikely , he mentioned also as you told me , that hpv genital strains don't take hold in the oral cavity and if it will happen its with low frequency not leading to warts or something ,

and he have only seen 2 or 3 cases of oral warts in people with ( aids desease ) , he said also that rrp is mostly seen in infants , getting it from their mothers in delivery , and  that adults rarely get it , and there is no scientific evidence up to now , that confirms that rrp is sexually transmitted , they say it could be , or maybe its a latent infection from childhood that reactivates in adult age , because millions of people around the world have hpv in their mouth or throat and never develope rrp , it means something is there , oral sex is not enough for this to happen , maybe 10 adults in a million who get this , and from those 10 adults , some never performed oral sex in their intire life , so there is a stigma out there   , same for oral warts many people have been in contact with the virus and never develope oral warts its just very rare , but i'm not saying impossible , that's the information I found as well about this from doctor hunter's answers to other people , and people who have a genital strain of hpv can not get it again in other parts of their body means mouth as well , its like they are immunue to it , this is what doctor hansfield said , even hpv 16 that can lead to oral cancer in most cases it will be cleared and it will never develope to something serious like a cancer , oral pharyngeal cancer is a rare cancer , hpv is just a risk factor like cigarettes not all people will develope cancers from this , when people hear hpv cause cancer they think that it will for sure , but its not true it means it can ,big difference between can and will , even for ladies and cervical cancer the majority will not develope this cancer , its just some cases , in general hpv is a risk factor like cigarettes and alcohol and other risk factors , having one of all these risk factors or all of them doesnt mean a person will develope cancer , even having no risk factor doesnt mean you will not get cancer , familly history as well could be a risk factor for cancer . Many people in medhelp talk about oral hpv and warts or cancer , many of them have been ingaged in oral sex with infected husband or wife or gilfriend and boyfriend , with or without symptoms and never develope oral warts , yes its possible for some few cases , but it is still rare , I think hpv is a virus that many doctors say different things about it , but still nothing is sure , concerning the mouth transmission its a new thing in the medias , and still nothing is clear about this , what I believe for sure is that god is our creator , god is great and if it is in the destiny of a person to get something he will not escape from it , what misses you was not meant to harm you , and what you get was not going to miss you at all .  when a person's time is over in life , he will not spend one more hour , so there is a precise  time and a precise age  for everyone to die , its already predicted , so the only and important thing to do is to keep faith in god and to pray , life at the end is not eternal and just a passage , what counts more is what you do for your next life , how you will be meeting god , what good you did in your life to deserve paradise or not .
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Just to add something we all sometimes may have an ulcer or bump in the mouth it doesnt mean its warts , if so so everytime should go for biopsy !!!? , then a person will get just paranoid , even a doctor or dentist who will exam can not say for sure if its a wart or not , its unclear , and why just not to think positive , I look to my mouth everytime and  I check myself and my wife as well do so , and nothing is there thanks god , doctors say that warts are dificcult to find in the oral cavity , and mostly go on their own , and very very rare even to develope them . Other wise all people with oral hpv will have warts . It millions and millions of people , if not saying half of the plannet , even doctor handsfield said that if you have genital hpv you cant get it in other parts of your body , and even if you dont have genital hpv , and got ingaged just in oral sex with an infected person still you cant develope oral warts , and as I told at the end only god knows . Science and doctors are giving their opinions , but still nothing is sure , specially about hpv all doctors still know little about it , and all of them say that the only thing that can stop it is immunity , and its god who gave us this immunity , even doctors say conflicting things about hpv , some of them agree some say disagree , even between them they are not sure of anything , and when it comes to the mouth its more unclear for them , if to biopsy any bump in the mouth means you will biopsy every single bump in your mouth , so even dentists or doctors are not sure about what they will biopsy or not , so better to check ourselves our mouths because we know them better , and if something is really unusual or look different then a person can go , when I see my dentist he look always to my gum teeth , tongue and say all is fine , without even mentioning hpv , so what will change saying to look for hpv or not , if he sees something then he will tell . Anyway I advise all people to let all to god , and pray and free your minds , if no hpv was there , if no disease was there , we will be living eternally , ??? Its a big nooo , so live normal , even people who dont have hpv how to be sure they dont have other more serious things . Anyway from all what I was reading about hpv , the majority of doctors if not all of them say always that for most people hpv dont cause problems , or cancers , but for some people it can cause , but not sure if its hpv alone who lead to cancer or other additional factors , the presence of hpv in some cancers doesn't mean that hpv alone caused them .
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