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Painful Intercourse

I am 25 years old now and I have been having my problem for three years.
I have extremelly painful intercource and dryness which perceiced all the time. My vagina looke very red.sometimes I am haing pain outside the vagina even withough  having a sexual intercourse.when I am having sex the pain is coming from the entranse of the vagina and it is unbearable. I am not vergin and I wanna say that I have been in a relationship where the sex is wonderfull. I don't think that the problem is in my current parther because I deeply care and love him.I have never been abused and I don't have any mental problems. I have seen a psychiatrist who concluded that  there is nothing we to work on and the painfull intercourse is not comming from precious negative exerience.  I have been tested for Genital Herpes, Hlamidia, Siphillis, yeast infection, BC, allergies and  hormonal level. I wanna say that I wash my vagina only with water and never with soaps.All these tests  come negativ. I had biopsy on the vaginal walls and cervix whihc shows mild diplacya and inflamation. My doctor concluded that I probably have HPV. He reccomended laser treatment. On my requeste a test for HPV was done and it came negative.
Righe now I feel very confused. If I have HPV how come the test is caming negative?
do you thin I hould have a laser treatment if the doctor is not sure whaat is causing the ionflamation?
What do you think may cause my problem?
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Vaginal dryness is usually hormonal... Or maybe you are dehydrated??? Try some over the counter lube and see if that helps.  Could be you are allergic to latex if he uses a condom.

HPV test could have cone back negative because your body is fighting off the infection. The cells were changed by the virus before your immune system kicked in.  Get treatment for abnormal cells as dr. Recommended. And follow up with pap every 6 months until it's normal again.
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I dont know if you are on the pill, or are using another form of birth control that allows your partner to ejaculate into you without any other protection,there might be two things going on here, one you maybe allergic to your partners sperm, which will cause alot of the same symptoms you have listed,OR you maybe having a reaction to the condom I am sensitive to condoms and it can make me feel like I'm on FIRE!!! please bring this up to your doctor next visit there are tests they can run to check for allergies

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