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Pap results with HPV

don't know where to start so I'll give quick facts.  I'm a woman, married 24 years and have only had 3 sexual partners.  In February my gyno called that my pap is showing the HPV but very low risk, no treatment needed and just going back to him every six months to check.  He told me if I show 3 clear tests that my body fought the virus and I can get the shot to help prevent.  Thing is...I don't nor have I had any warts nor my husband.  Everything I read about this talks about them.  No discomfort or itching or discharge..NOTHING.  Next...how can this all of a sudden show up?  I talked to my husband about it who took it all rather calmly and wasn't concerned.  My doctor insists that it could have been in either of our systems for years and just laid dormant but come on....28 years later it shows up?  I don't know what to think and we haven't had sex since then because I'm that unsure if he was unfaithful to me.  In my heart I truly don't believe he was and he insists he wasn't but I truly feel alone, at a total loss and just don't know what to think.  
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Actually itching is a sympton of high risk HPV but not everyone shows symptoms and it depends on where you have it.  I have VIN abnormal cells on my vulva and I was itchy for over 5 years and not one dr or gyno could tell me why...until a month ago when my new gyno did the vinegar type wash on my vulva and areas turned white, I was biopsied and have stage 1 and 2
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First of all there are many different strain of HPV. Some cause warts and are low risk, these will not show up in paps. Others cause cell changes and are known as high risk, these WILL show up in paps. So you have no warts because you do not have a wart causing strain, but a cell changing strain.

Also - discomfort, itching, discharge are not symptoms of high risk HPV.

Your Dr is right, it could of layed dormant in your system. If you have no other reason to belive your partner cheated then go with that. HPV is never an indication of infidelity even if you got the virus 28 years later. Don't feel alone. Your lucky to have a husband who is calm like that, many women tell there partners and there partners are convinced they are cheating, or don't want to be intimate with them as they dont understand what HPV really is.
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