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Positive for low risk HPV subtype 44. What now?!

I perform home STD tests almost every month, and last month was the first time it came back positive for low risk HPV subtype 44. I'm very concerned.
Can I ever get rid of this, or will I be infected forever?
Will it help to get the HPV vaccine, or am I too old (46/female), or wouldn't it do me any good at this point anyway?
Is there an incubation period for this infection? I'm trying to figure out how long ago I may have contracted it.
Will I always have to use condoms from now on?
If I am HPV positive, does that mean I am at a higher risk for contracting other infections?
Thank you for your time!
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Hello, sorry to hear about your recent results.

HPV is forever but it has a typical cycle. Most people get outbreaks every 1 to 3 months for a year on average and up to 2 years at most. Then they stop coming unless you have some sort of immune suppressing event like pregnancy, cancer, over the top stress, ect....   If you get warts, go have them frozen off or whatever. Once you've gone 6 months with no new outbreaks, you can cautiously think you've reached that point. After a year, I'd conclude you're over the outbreak period. During that first period of time, I'd either disclose or wear protection. Remember that genital to genital touching is all you need so rubbing foreplay is not safe. After you've gone 6 months to a year, I'd be ok without condom use anymore. Evidence points to you maybe not being as contagious between outbreaks, but it's too risky in my opinion and some people are and others aren't.

I'd go ahead and get vaccinated. Might as well. There are multiple strains both high and low risk covered by it so it's still a good idea from my point of view.

The incubation period is a rarer week or so to 3 to 8 weeks but could be a little longer. You are not at higher risk of catching other STDs.
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I would disagree with HPV being forever. In most cases your body clears it. Boost your immune stsyem.
You're certainly allowed to disagree, and even the professionals can have a debate on this topic. But I've been around this site for almost 10 years, and I've seen a lot of posts where people just come on here and talk about about boosting your immune system. My immune system is just fine. I sleep 8 hours a night. I practice yoga 60 to 90 minutes most days. I rarely drink. I don't smoke. I practice meditation. I do eat meat, but I'm almost exclusively a raw vegan consuming ridiculous amounts of greens. I hydrate like none other. Not only that, but I've seen many posts on this site in the last 10 years of people who haven't had sex with anyone else or not had sex at all in decades and they get a reoccurrence of warts. Myself, I get an outbreak whenever I have a severe anxiety meltdown. I've had two this year, and each one has resulted in a new wart when I've gone well over a year without one in the time before that. I don't think the body clears the virus at all. What I think is that the vast majority of immune systems gain control of the virus and it's not detected nor heard from again. This can be misconstrued for considering your body has cleared it, but the virus is not gone in my opinion. It is there, and it is waiting for something to trigger it. Because the vast majority of people who get HPV warts don't have situations that cause a reoccurrence of the warrants, many people have come to believe that your body clears it, and that all you need to do is boost your immune system. Clearly, having a healthy immune system is great. But boiling down advice to simply that is simplistic at best.
Im thinking maybe you fall in to the 10% as 90% of people are able to clear it. Have you tried vitamins/acv? A cure has now officially been found so hopefully it'll be made available. Really sorry to hear about your case I do hope your body will at least supress it! Also have you had them biopsied?
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What test did you take at home?  I would like to taje the same test.

Thank you
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It is called SmartJane by UBiome
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After testing positive for 6 months, my last two STD/STI tests have come out negative for any type of HPV (either low risk or high risk). It appears I seroconverted. Yay!
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That's awesome. Just remember though, there are a ton of other numbers out there that are common, and the best defense is a strong immune system through eating right and exercise. Cause we all eventually have sex again.
Thats great news HPV is extremely common and your lucky to have had a symptomless low risk strain

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