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Possible warts...

Good Day everybody,

I have 2 questions to ask the experts here.  

1.  What is the typical incubation period for genital warts?

2.  I have seen 2 dermatologists and they assessed the bumps unlikely to be warts.  Is it very easy to identify warts, especially for dermatologist?

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1. 2-6 months is the average/typical.

2. Yes dermatologists are experts in identiying genital warts. It is easy for them only if they have lots of experience in that. People make mistakes. If you have a doubt, go see a second dermatologist or urologist. If both say they are not warts and you still have doubts, ask for a bump to be removed and biopsied for HPV.
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Dermatologist is probably the best doctor to see for genital warts. Did they use magnification at all? That's the best way to spot warts if they are present.

Typical incubation period varies from doctor to doctor is my belief.

One doctor told me a month but you can read online 3-6 months or longer. The problem with hpv is that you can have it and not even know it so if you do get genital warts at some point you can't always blame the last person you had sex with.

its a very confusing virus to me.
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Hi... Thanks for the replies. I had gone to see 2 dermatologists and 1 STD doctor. They use magnifying lens to examine and say the bumps are unlikely to be warts.
The bumps are near to the meatus and therefore I'm very worry about it. I asked for biopsy but they said no requirement.

I think i should learn to put it down and move fwd.
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If you have second thoughts go to a different doctor. This is your life, your health, and your well being.

I don't want to scare you but warts can grow at the opening of the meatus.

If not, then mover forward. Stressing doesn't help anything and I know first hand!
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Hi Cincy513,

Thanks for the advice.  I am at the 6mth mark now.  Intend to see these 3 doctors again to ensure that i am clean on the 7th mth mark.  

I am very scare and worry but the docs keep telling me that these bumps are not warts.

About 5mths ago, i had an abrasion on my penis meatus with the running shorts.  Doc told me that it is likely due to the trauma caused.  Does it take so long to recover?

Thanks helping me out.

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According to my experience...flat warts and abnormal cells can be verrry tricky.. Even gp or urologist or dermatologist could missed it sometimes..thats why we hv the term differential diagnosis...precancerous cells are usually elusive

In women...sometimes pap smear give ASCUS result...abnormal cells of unknown significance...and this is done by microscope examination of the swab as i know

If you dont do pcr hpv test...or biopsy..then eyeballing is only an approximation... They could be right or wrong

For my case..there was no obvious abnormality but after using cream(s) kniwn to poke hpv induced dysplastic cells(eg wart) there was dramatic reaction

You can test if its really wart or hpv induced abnormality by using veregen cream...or aldara ( i made home made veregen like cream..as veregen itself is dead expensive or u might not get the prescp)  Warts or abnormal cells fr hpv infection will react to aldara or veregen

A word of caution...if it really is hpv induced wart or dysplastic cells.. You should have in hand solosite, bepanthen first aid cream and bionect spray in hand BEFORE using it...this is because redness, inflammation, skin erosion, RAW skin exposure could appear and those healing agents should be in hand to address the wound

My home made veregen like cream composed of 2% diclofenac topical  (voltaren max) cream plus green tea extract from AOR (UPC  624917080674...PM or reply if anyone wants to know more of the simple recipy)
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