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Post-op care for Laser GW surgery

Hi there!

I'm a 26 y/o female diagnosed with genital warts back in August.  I've been taking a veritable pharmacy of vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system to fight the virus. Several topical medicines failed and/or caused adverse reactions, so I'm having laser surgery next week to remove the internal and some smaller external GWs.  

A few questions that I would love feedback on from healthcare professionals and other ladies who have undergone laser GW surgery (especially internal).

1) Did anyone use a prescription estrogen cream after the surgery?
---My surgeon mentioned that internal tissue has to be kept from sticking together after the surgery. Did anyone experience the cream causing issues, like new warts? Did anyone heal just fine without a cream or with an alternative?

2) How common are reoccurrence of GW after laser surgery?
-- I've read conflicting arguments: some say the laser helped and they didn't get more warts, but I also heard some docs believe the laser destroys local immune system in the area/ reactivates the virus.

3) Do internal GWs ever disappear on their own without ablative treatment? If anyone experienced a spontaneous clearance, about how long did it take?
--I'm concerned that if I do have a reoccurrence, the ordeal of surgery again might be unrealistic. This is my 5th month since being infected and I'm fairly young, so hoping for the best after this procedure.

4) Lastly, are there any special precautions I should be taking to make sure I don't infect my friends/family? (i.e. Sharing washing machines, showers, toilets, etc?) I want to make sure I keep those around me safe.

Thanks in advance and hope y'all have a happy new year!
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