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Pregnant had previous HPV and current CIN - 1

hello all,

i am currently 16 weeks pregnant today with my 3rd child however this is the only pregnancy i have had when i have been diagnosed with previous HPV and currently now CIN-1 i have been having regular colposcopy investigations and biopsy's but no treatment.  They have been doing the watch and wait process.  I was due to go in november this year and have another colposcopy and biopsy's and possible treatment ( it has been 1 year since my last investigation - well will be in november) ive just been told by my midwife that it can cause the cervix to not function properly ie open at all, open as quick as normal or open properly during labour but that it can also open as it should do.... i cannot find any further info but im now a bit worried as they have said it could mean having a c section :s can anyone advise on this?  i also have pcos not sure if thats relevent
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