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Questions about Aldara

Hello I am hoping that one of you have experience or knowledge with the cream Aldara or Imiquimod.  I have been using it for about 4 weeks now on anal warts and it has made them pretty much go away.  But the itching and burning is EXTREME to say the least and is a minute to minute struggle every day and is ruining my life.  I am wondering how long to expect this to continue after I discontinue using the cream or any suggestions for relief until then.  Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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Don't worry, I have been using it too and it will stop itching.. I didn't have any burning, just very itchy! It goes away in a few days and you'll be fine!
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Thanks for your reply.  I've now been off of it for a week and it feels alot better but I still get an ocassional itch nothing like it was though.  Im worried the warts may come back though, how has your success been?
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I was diagnosed with HPV in mid to late August at the local STI clinic. They used cryotherapy to try and get rid of them but the warts just multiplied and got bigger. So i had to quite large clusters on either side. They gave me Aldara mid to late September. I wasn't following the routine properly as I was very busy with work and college but after about two weeks of proper use (putting it on every second night) they really started to decrease in size and number.

I've actually ran out of the stuff (two weeks ago) and haven't been treating them with anything since then.. but they have continued to go away.. pretty much all of the external ones are gone.. I'm not sure what the situation is internally.. I have to go back to the clinic for a check up this week so we will see then.

The fact that they seem to be going away on their own now is giving me hope that my body is getting the virus under control or something so hopefully I won't have a recurrence.

PS: I have started taking a multi vitamin every day and eating a lot more fruit etc etc. So I suppose I would suggest you try and keep your immune system healthy too.

Hope that helps :)
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