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Questions about HPV / genital warts in someone who is HIV positive

I am a gay male. I have recently started seeing someone who is HIV+, but undetectable. Recently, we noticed he had a couple of internal anal warts. I also had anal warts the year prior, and I have been clear of them for about 4-5 months now. I have never had unprotected sex with my new partner in either top or bottom roles, and I have never had HPV show up on my penis.


1.) How likely is it that his intra-anal warts are from me, given that I have never had HPV warts show up on my penis, and I have never penetrated him unprotected? I feel extremely guilty that it might be from me, but I've only had warts show up anally and as far has I know, his anus has never had contact with my anus (that would be quite a feat).

2.) He is undetectable, although neither of us have an idea what his cd4 count is. Will he have a harder time clearing the infection because he is HIV positive despite being on meds and is generally very healthy?

3.) Do HIV+ people who are on meds and are undetectable have immune systems that function the same or very close to uninfected, healthy individuals?
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1. It is possible you infected him even with a condom. Straight men have gotten HPV warts in their anus without ever having sex back there.

2. People with compromised immune system have a very tough time clearing warts. So do pregnant women who have weaker immune systems.
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Yes apperantly it is possible even with a condom if the affected skin is not covered by a condom. It could have been from someone else previously, depending, it’s really hard to tell. I was with someone who didn’t have hpv then was taken advantage of by someone who didn’t wear a condom and ever since I’ve had itching vagina and has moved to my anus aswell, Ive got high risk hpv but I’m also worried it’s possible to get warts from the itching as that’s the only thing not ruled out which must be causing the itch/burning. I don’t have any visible to the eye warts but I itch like crazy and even in my anus area, I’m a straight female and never had anal sex. I could get Anal cancer from the high risk hpv just from the affected skin areas. Hpv sucks, depending what strain. I don’t even know what strain I have. I’m pregnant right now so I’m extra worried about clearance and imuumne system, as with hiv infected, they do say it’s a lot harder for the body to clear hpv strains. I do know from others who aren’t immune compromised that don’t clear certain strains, some strains are for life and very hard to clear. Sorry if that doesn’t help, that’s just from other people I’ve heard, frustrated about having hpv for 10lpus Years. Let’s hope we can clear our strains and your partner can clear his despite being immune compromised. I don’t know much about hiv and hpv clearance, I’ve only heard it’s harder to clear with hiv
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Have you tried taking probiotics and yogurt for your itching? I got an itchy anus after warts on my lips were diagnosed.  I thought somehow they got there,  although I have never had anal sex.  Before my warts were diagnosed a doctor gave me antibiotics.  I think that killed my anal flora and caused the itching,  maybe due to yeast growth.  A day after staring probiotics and activos yogurt, the itch went away. My anus got also checked by the dermatologist and I am wart free down there.
That’s good your itching went away so quickly! I’m taking probiotics with no help. I’m also taking preg vitamins, garlic supplements, lysine(anti viral). I could include yoghurt. I’m not sure what’s going on but since the rape last oct, it’s been worse and worse and no relief, so it’s hard to move passed the rape with all these symptoms. And it’s hard not to think warts are coming. I’ve been checked multiple times for warts but maybe they just aren’t big enough to see yet ..did the warts on your mouth burn or anything? It’s so hard witj his virus I hate it there’s jsut no answers as most people don’t itch and burn
The warts on my lips were painless.  Warts usually don’t hurt,  but they can itch if they are sensitive areas like the anus.
Oh that’s lucky.. whatever strain I have it’s itching as it’s the worst feeling in the world. I guess because it’s a constant reminder which doesn’t help. I’ve just had to go see a psychiatrist and am starting antidepressants to help hopefully manage symptoms. Either way, I need to be able to deal with whatever comes I jsut feel like I can’t Aghhh :/
Is it better to go to a dermatologist to check for warts do you think? I’ve been to a gyn and gp’s but I’m not sure if they have missed something

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