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Rate of oral cancer among HPV16 carriers

Hey all,

I'm relatively new here so I was wondering -- do doctors H. Hunter Handsfield and Edward Hook still answer these threads? I noticed that the STD forums was dissolved so I wasn't sure.

Anyways, I'm curious as to what the risk of oral cancer is from those *already* infected with HPV16. Most articles simply state that the risk of oral cancer from oral HPV is low, but most strains (which also happen to be the most common ones) do NOT cause oral cancer in the first place. So I feel like this aggregation is relatively uninformative.

According to a recent study by D'Souza from Johns Hopkins, around ~2% of the population carry oral HPV16. So I'm curious: is the lifetime risk of oral cancer from oral HPV among the general population only so low ( < 1% ) because the odds of contracting an oncogenic HPV strain (i.e. 16) low? Or is it also because the risk is low, even among those who are carrying HPV16?
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Dr. 's Hook and Handsfield are now here:  http://www.ashasexualhealth.org

As far as oral risk, it's low. Very low. Just Google how many cases of oral cancer there are every year, then subtract some since all aren't just from hpv, then think about how many people engage in oral sex and how much and you'll see the chances are very low.
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Only 2% of people get oral HPV 16 though, so theoretically the odds of meeting someone is also very low.
Great point! I hadn't thought of that and that logically puts the threat and also the fear of in even better perspective.

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