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Raw apple cider vinegar cure???

hello, I have had hpv for three years now and my warts keep coming back. The only thing that I have done to get rid of them Is freeze them off. My doctors give me no information on hpv other than "there is cure". Just recently I started doing my own research on the internet. I did find something about a immune system booster that helps to get rid of hpv over time. if anyone has any information on that it would be helpful.
Also, I am very interested in the raw apple cider vinegar treatment. I am going to try it tonight im am sure it will work from what I have read. I want to know are they less prone to come back by removing them using this method. And the most important question, has anyone done any research on drinking a shot of vinegar everyday to possibly cure hpv? I have read that vinegar has many amazing uses, Clearing up skin/acne, Helps with joint pain, sunburns, warts moles. Why not hpv???   Any information will help thank you.
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As far as I know ACV will do nothing for you.  Where do you live?  ACV isn't even used to "see if your bumps might be warts" anymore.  I would go ahead and use it if you want, but don't be expecting any miracle cure.  

Having said this, it sounds like your wart case is lasting longer than the usual length.  Are you sure they are the same warts?  Have you ever gone more than six months between outbreaks?  If they are, there may be a fairly good chance that they are on the way out because you've had them for so long.  If I were you, I'd do three things:

1) have any warts removed whenever they appear
2) if warts are on the outside, maybe this isn't viable for women, but some applications of pedophyllin might help some.  I think it helped me.  
3) live a healthy life to support a stronger immune system. No need to go super crazy here, just make the biggest choices correctly and many of the lesser choices.  You don't have to be OCD about it.  

To that I'd add a fourth, patience.  Just be cool and wait.  The outbreaks have to stop at some point.
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I used ACV and it helped mine slowly disappear. You need the unpasteurized and unfiltered organic ACV. I found it at Publix. Green tea tablets twice a day a long with a multi-vitamin will help you strengthen your immune system. Also, exercise regularly to keep your body in shape and get at least 7 hours of sleep.
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i have used it to get rid of one wart i have. it works if applied directly. and I just used the acv I found at the grocery store. I recently started drinking acv raw version with "mother" or whatever and literally the one that had been coming back disappeared from the inside. Best way to describe it is it did not fall off, it just flattened and went completely away. AMAZING.

I don't care what anyone says. This worked so great. I would say at least give it a chance.
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