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Really need answers help me please

Hello everybody! I'd really like to have an answer to this. It's been about 6 months since I had found out that I had genital warts, and it actually took them 6 months to really clear up, I have to precise that I did not have a new outbreak within these 6 months I didn't notice no new warts an also those that were there weren't itchy and I wasn't having discharge. I only felt itchy the first week that I discovered I had them and had some discharge too. But after this first week they stopped itching complety, they were completly harmless, my only problem was them being there. I had been using aldara cream and they have cleared up just recently. Will they come back again? I recently met this awesome guy and I'm scared to pass the virus to him, do you think after fighting these warts for 6 months and now they are gone, I can still pass the virus to my new boyfriend if we don't use protection? And also, I have read that, if I catch a new strain they might reappear, so can I get vaccinated to avoid new strains, or the vaccine won't work because I already have HPV? I'm a young lady turning 24 soon.
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Hello !
I prefer, to use condom during the sexual act. Vaccine is not indicated completely, because there are some types of HPV. If genital warts visible must continue treatment and to visit a gynecologist to change treatment, for specific types HPV.
I wish you good health.
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No one knows if the genital warts will come back again. The odds are that they won't. 6 months of no visible warts is a good amount of time to declare yourself not infectious, at this time. No one knows if they will become infectious again years or decades from now.  If you must have sex, use a latex condom not only to not infect him but also to help your recovery and not get more strains from him.
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