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Recently diagnosed with genital warts!

24 year old female here just hoping for some answers !! .. well 4 weeks ago or so i went into the dr (because of a bump) .. sure enough i was diagnosed with genital warts !!
They have been froze off 2 times now with liquid nitrogen.. both times it seemed to have removed a couple. But a couple new ones came up shortly after !! Whhhy !!! Why do i keep getting more !!
I recently got a new partner (about 2 months ago) i am so scared & embarrassed to bring this up to him !!
I still feel so much disgust with my self that this is happening to me !! So much confusion & unanswered questions!!

I just want to go back to normal :(
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It is normal for new warts to come out during initial outbreaks, usually within 3 months after initial treatment...
The first thing you must prioritize is treating the symptoms, ridding of the visible warts and maintain a healthy immune system by eating and sleeping right.
Avoid sexual contact in the mean time, since you have an active virus, very big chance of transmitting the virus to your partner or you might get exposed to another strain.
Keep a healthy body, and note, the chances for you to get reinfected with a different strain of wart causing virus is high, so i suggest you get vaccinated after your wart treatment, it can help prevent getting infected with the strains you haven’t got yet...
So for people who are susceptible to genital warts, keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid multiple sexual activities..
According to cdc and who, up to 90% will clear the virus in 2 years... but i dont really know how the immune system works, so stay healthy, that could help
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If you had a new partner 2 months ago and this just showed up you probably got it from him.

They will eventually go away and stop coming back. Just keep treating them.
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How big were your 'spots' in mm? I think I get them aswel typically no bigger than 2mm. Are they the same colour as your skin?
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