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Recurring warts

I got my first genital warts about 4 years ago. I had several that popped up and spread pretty rapidly at first (like 6-7 of them) and got them burned off by a doctor. Then I had a second outbreak with several more, and again got them burned off. The doctor then prescribed me with imiquimod in case any others popped up after that. Ever since then, I will think to myself that surely I am done with any warts at this point in time, only to end up spotting another 1 or 2 here and there that I end up having to treat with the imiquimod or tea tree oil. These surprise little outbreaks have been occurring on and off for like 2.5 years now. Why am I still getting them after this long? I've been in a monogamous relationship ever since finding out and don't have any other diseases that should be suppressing my immune system.
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This is the question that the medical community cannot definitively answer. There are some on here who think that the strength of one's immune system prevents or allows more warts. This theory has not been accepted by doctors but many on here believe it.

Do you smoke cigs? Drink a lot of alcohol? Eat fast food? Get little sleep? Under a lot of stress? Not exercise or take vitamins?  There is definitely a link between cigarette smoking and getting more warts. And if you can lead a more healthy life, then it is possible that the warts will stop. Also, the use of latex condoms during the recovery period has been shown to help your body prevent more warts. For some people, this recovery period is longer (2 years) and for some it is shorter (2-6 months). No one knows where they fit in but if you have been having un-safe sex than it is possible that your body can't fight it due to the sex and you need more time to recover than others.
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Yes those are good possibilities. I don't smoke, but I drink pretty regularly (not a lot, typically no more than one beer at a time, but still pretty frequently) and I don't get much exercise these days. Maybe those changes would help.
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When I got mine, I spend six months not drinking anything. Exercise, vitamins and supplements are what boosted my immune system and I drink only a little now. Not every day.  Ales are the worst for warts, btw.
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