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Risks and Disclosure

Dr. Handsfield
First, let me just thank you in advance. Reading this site has given me some hope that has long been missing in my life. Much less doom and gloom from your advice than 99% of what else I have read.

I believe I was infected with HPV about 2.5 years ago. I first noticed a small brown raised wart in August of 2006. I began treatment in January of 2007. I was seeing a dermatologist, he biopsied the larger wart and prescribed Aldara, which took forever, but eventually worked (by ~May). So I thought I was done...

Then I moved after graduating college. Noticed another brown raised wart on my scrotum, as well as a flesh colored raised area on the ring that joins the head of my penis to the shaft. I went to a new doctor and opted for a urologist. His bedside manner was rushed and inconsiderate, and I don't think he knew too much of warts. I saw him twice, on the first visit he said the flesh colored growth didnt look like a wart. On the second visit, he didnt remember me or my problem, and immediately "burnt" off the wart, I think with a lazer, leaving a noticeable scar. He also numbed me, and the injection site left a scar that was just as bad as the initial 'wart'. Needless to say, I was terribly unhappy.

So now, I noticed a tiny darkened bump forming where the original first wart was. I was disgusted with myself and while in the shower I scratched it off, causing a little bleeding, and leaving me with a very noticeable scar (this was ~2 weeks ago), I am praying desperately that this scar will go away! Also, just earlier today I noticed another small brown raised bump amidst my pubic hair at the base of my penis...

So amidst all of this, a woman I deeply care about seems to want to re-establish a relationship, and I am terrified to even see her, knowing it can lead to sex. I havent had sex in about 18 months, save for a one-time random fling with a woman i hardly knew. I felt ashamed afterwards. I would describe my mental state as deeply depressed. I really feel as if I am destined to be alone and I have shunned women who have attempted to get close to me over the past year.

I do not drink in excess. I do smoke. I don't exercise enough but walk a lot everyday and am generally in good shape.

Sorry for the long post. Here are my questions

So my questions are as follows:
- Its been over 2 years, is it normal for men my age (23) to struggle with this virus for so long?
- What, if anything, can be done to alleviate the scarring? Vitamin E and Mederma have not been very effective
- The docs have used liquid nitrogen before, the new small wart I just found seems easily treatable at home. I would really prefer to not see a doctor again as I have been thru the process over and over and most docs I have seen are either quite insensitive or seemingly uneducated re:male HPV. Can I use the over the counter wart freeze products on this wart if I apply it cautiously?
- What do I need to tell partners. What are the risks? Oral? Vaginal w/condom? Hand to genital contact?
- Hypothetically, once I am rid of any signs of warts, do I need to disclose at all? That is 100% hypothetical, as the scar sort of requires me to come clean no matter what.

Thank you.
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ur in the wrong forum!go to the Experts forum std's right of this page click on2 it pay $15 and re-post this!
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