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Scared, HPV on men

Hi on january 2012 a prostitute gave me oral sex without protection (vaginal with protection), i´ve asked and tested for several std but i cant stay relaxed. Now i started thinking on hpv and i started reading horrible things and as i understand there isnt a test for this on men, or it doesnt exist an accurate way to diagnose this virus, anyway i dont want to test anymore i have an ocd, im taking antidepressants and klonapin, im 19. Never had that warts but i dont know, i´ve read that there are dangerous types of this virus,with horrible consequences please help.
I had so many other symptoms, a red strange spot on my underarm and other things but they told me there were from anxiety and depression. But well, that thing on my underarm i dont know, anyway i tested for all as i wrote unless this.
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Your right, there's no way for men to know if they carry an hpv strain unless they show visible symptoms like genital warts. You need to stop worrying about hpv. And I suggest not having any kind of sex with a prostitute  if your worried about std's.
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I have read a study at least stating that the chance of getting HPV virus(es) increases as your partner number increases. So, CSW/prostitutes theoretically had met innumberable amt of ppl.. so, it is better that ppl avoid such ppl if dont want to get any HPVs.,  THere are now more than 150 types of HPV viruses known.  
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