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Seriously, someone please help me!

Alright, it's been about 8 months since I was diagnosed with genital warts and I have undergone freezing treatments and use aldera and for the most part they both have worked. However my problem is not with the visiablity of the warts but that my entire genital area itches beyond imagination. I want to ******* die at times, that's how bad it is. It itches on the lower shaft and on both sides of my balls the most. I have seen 4 different doctors and they don't now what really to do? I feel ******* hopeless! does anyone on this forum know anything about this type of itching? I first felt this itching almost immediatley after I had protected sex with this girl 8 months ago and it still has not gone away.
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I feel your pain, I experienced this incredibly severe itching for 6 months until finally I was diagnosed with genital warts. Many people experience itching, but a lot of doctors say it isn't to do with GW. I think it is. The itching was so intense sometimes, I didn't want to leave the house, because I knew I couldn't scratch. Luckily for me though, after I used aldara and the warts went... so did the itching. The itching was twice as intense when I was on the treatment, but then one day it was gone. Maybe for you it will just disapear too.

When I was experiencing the itching though, I used non perfumed moisturizers especially for itch relief which helped a lot. If you shave it could be something to do with that, or it might be a fungal infection or a different STD. The only thing you can do, is use lotion, wear baggy boxers and trousers and look for some itch releif tablets. Maybe your allergic to the treatment or someting else down there?

Heres a website which might benefit you..
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