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Shaving and HPV

I am a little worried. I was looking to clean up my pubic region today because my hair got longer than usual. I decided to use an electric clipper to do the job. I was diagnosed with HPV - Genital Warts last year, and I was treated not long after diagnosis. It has been about a year since my first breakout. Once I was treated, I haven't seen any warts come up whatsoever. I have shaved before in the past in the treated area and I did not break out or show any symptoms. However, today as I was shaving I had nicked myself. My HPV has been dormant for about a year, though I cut myself in an area that I did not break out in. The only problem though was that I shaved the area I had broken out in and then cut myself in an area where I haven't had genital warts come up. My question is, am I going to break out in the area that I nicked myself? Did going over the area that was treated and into an area that hasn't experienced any warts increase my chance of getting warts again? Once the warts are dormant, am I free to shave the region no matter if I go over areas that were once infected to areas that weren't infected? I am very nervous and I feel as if I may have triggered a possible break out.... please help me :(
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Continuation of post 1... When I nicked myself I immediately stopped shaving and cleaned the cut with both peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and soap and water.
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