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Should I add another immune-boosting supplement to fight HPV virus internally?

I'm a male in my late 20's that has had HPV for a little over 7 years now. I'm unsure if I currently have any genital warts, although I do have places that I refer to as warning spots that haven't been looked at by a professional, but I do know that I have plantar warts on my feet at the moment. I'm wanting to fight the HPV virus internally seeing as I have had warts burnt off in the past and it seems that wasn't enough. Here's my daily regimen...

I've had the warts on my feet for a while now. Recently, I've been soaking my feet in Epsom salt, applying Terrasil wart removal cream at night and rubbing aloe vera gel on my feet during before I start my day. It seems to be working somewhat with the smaller warts, but the bigger wart on my opposite foot hasn't noticeably decreased in size. Will be trying the apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball remedy starting tonight...

I drink an Emergen-C and eat an Activia yogurt every morning for breakfast. Along with that, I take a Nature Made multivitamin for men, Gingko Biloba and Olive Leaf Extract. I was taking Apple Cider Vinegar in tablet form along with breakfast, but I am going to start taking it with a low-sodium V8 during the early afternoon at work. With dinner I take Garlic, CoQ10 and just ordered Astragalus in capsule form from Swanson Vitamins which I will be taking along with these. As of today, I added cucumber and lemon to a pitcher of water in my fridge and drank a glass with a small amount of liquid apple cider vinegar added to it...

I was reading about Goldenseal being a factor in aiding the body's fight against HPV. I was wondering if anyone with an HPV strain that causes genital warts has had any success taking Goldenseal by adding it to their daily regimen? Does anybody think I would be overdoing it by adding Goldenseal to my current daily regimen? Obviously, negative side-effects are not welcomed. Also, does anyone think I may be doing too much already? Should I lessen my daily regimen of vitamins/supplements? Like I said, I want to fight the HPV virus internally but I don't want to overdo it if it will harm my body. None of the supplements I'm currently taking have had any noticeable side-effects on my body. I have not yet received the Astragalus yet.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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Sorry for the typos

Heres another pic similar to what i had


Watch closely the rings..not that noticable, but if you can put a dye i think it may become obvious

It seems that these flat warts are not exclusively on the palm or feet

They may hide in the groins/genital areas
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Pls note the flat wart is extremely contagious...you can infect other areas of yr body with that thing...so always be aware of cleanliness when digging or addressing them.  Most of the time ppl who hv had issues with lingering hpv has relatively lower immune function...ie not optimal.

One recent emerging theory is that ppl who hv parasites in them, usually hv lower immune function. Parasites could be worm or protozoa or etc microbes hanging around in the body..these usually stay put in the body because they are able to secrete toxins or bad proteins that protects them somewhat fr our immune system. Worms are known to stay in the gut as the can suppress the immune function, preventing them fr being xpelled fr the host

Thevsude effrct of these lingering parasites are that the marjed down our immune system, and thus they all thrive in our body.  Many viruses also hv their own ways in averting the immune surveiilence.  All these bugs, when collected in due time, as we age, tend to mk things worst eventually, and inviting more etc chronic diseases

A marked signal of parasites infestation is craving for sweet food, blood sugar crash easily and not being able to skip any (heavy) meal at all eg during lunch occasionally

I hv always suspected my (chronic) prob is due hpv. I have had plantar warts and they went away easily it seems.  However, abt these 2yr or so, i developed chronic issues.  Lingering pain is one of it. Hard to sleep And Gets Hungry easily. Tired almost all of the time. Brain fog. And these are all somewhat related to sth pplmcall fibromyalgia

Ive taken gardasil, although i know it is not a therapeutic vaccine and does not cover all hpv types. Doesnt help much it seems ie not much difference

So, recently, abt 2-3 month back, i started to encounter abt lyme disease. It is said that this is mainly attributed to lyme bacteria. Once you get his bug, proponent tend to say all of yr internal bugs will run amok or thrive uncontrollably

One of the issues in this disease, is parasite infestation. The lingering parasites may cause subtle symptoms, lowering immune function, but not necessarily causing marked symptoms or disease. Perhaps his is a way for them to stay as long as possible in the host.  But when lyme bacteria is caught, the disease progression gets worse

In lyme disease cases, they said their conditions mproved greatly on antiworm medication

So, i started the parasite cleanse abt 2 mo ago, using humaworm. I used it only 15 days cf suggested one mo.  I noted that it has side effect ie numbing of fingers or hands, suggesting peripheral neuropathy, siliar to side effects of some other pharma drug such as antibiotics in the class of flouoroquinone. The problem was alleviated with once daily timed release alpha lipoic acid fr source naturals (300 mg)

There was marked mprovement of energy and well being feeling. However, after i stopped humaworm, the good feeling dissipated, although i think it was not as bad as the previious level

I also took albendazole for 5 days at 400 mg x2 a day. Then i took one dose of ivermectin 12 mg

For antiviral or antibact herbals, i took grape seed extract, and monolaurin.  Ppl should read abt the miraculous antibacterial n antiviral activities of monolaurin. You cant overdose on monolaurin.  I also took ascorbyl palmitate ie purewayc .  Thisbis not really ester c. It is fat soluble vitC. I believe this form of vitC is way better compared to other vitC, eg excessive water soluble vitC can be toxic to kidney.  Also, though ive taken vitC for ages, only purewayc noticably gave me supple moist skin (not that was intended in the first plc). The best purewayc in terms of price and effectiveness is swansonvitamins one (not marketing the brand etc).

The grape seed extract is said to dossolve slime coating etc bugs in the body. Monolaurin could also dissolve suc slime n assist the killing or weakening the bugs, thus the immune system, with the boost of purewayc, could recognise n gradually kill the etc bugs lingering around. After in thiese vits for abt a month, i started the cream approach below

This is because,, i think that sometimes hpv could hide in the body and may tk time to eradicate it, if it has formed abnormal cells ie solid abnormal cells.  So, since i suspect i hv precancerous hpv infected abnormal cells, i hv made my home recipy of egcg cream (since veregen is too expensive).

Veregen, like traditional salve cream, attack abnormal, inconspicious abnormal cells. A reaction occurs when the cream is applied to abnormal skin/cells, and the abnormal cells rot or die, and skin erosion is resulted ie only in the abnormal affected areas

I mixed the egcg with diclofenac cream and rotate with nimesulide cream (genital areas).  To my horror, i actually see the warts 'surfacing'. Initially my groin and right side of the scrotum were completely normal. After 3-4 times application, angry red spots appeared(selected areas). These eventually mature and somewhat erupt fully.  What made me completely horrified is that the red spots, when matured, which clustered near each other, formed a ring like structure, each one of them.  It is like when you cut onions in the mid section, you can see rings. This is chocolate colored due to egcg use and the rings look quite uniform. Freaked me out, as abnormal cells hv such rings?? Its like when u cut a tree, wooded trees, you see this uniform rings.  What the heck

I thought it was a parasite somekind. Searching for parasites pic, the closest similarity is Trichinella worm, which can stay in the body/muscles and curl ...in the muscles or bodily tissues in such ways. But why only after the cream application? So, i went to see a parasitologist, and tested for trichinella worm antibody, which gave neg result.

I scoured the net for pictures, and trying to find if any skin cancer or pre cancer could hv such shape...the only closest one are from PLANTAR WART picture:

The above looked exactly like the clustered abnormal cells i had, but mine was clearly havind  round rings, as the egcg cream gave a chocolate color contrast to the abnormal wart. Its gruesome. Mayb i will try n post pic. Of note, the interesting part is that, it seems plantar wart can hide in genitals areas? And only become obvious upon stimulation? (with the cream)

I have one biggggg one at the left side of anus (appeared after using same cream). Diameter abt 3-4cm.  when it scabbed, the onion rings shape scab is obvious in my hand. Terrifyingly painful when it scabbed off.  Im scared to tk pic of the ' hole' it left. Im still treating it now as the scab keeps forming. i was told you hv to get to the root to ensure it does not grow back. additionally, i hv to use aldara to ensure the infected cells are killed there.  

There are ppl who hv plantar wart for so long, and when left untreated for so long, can leave a hole when the bad cells are killed (there are pix on the net for this) ...gruesome

The most enlightening part of the scabbing, of he big unseen wart on my butt is that i no longer hv unexplained back pain in my back, that hv tortured me for so long (for abt nearly 10yrs). My fibromyalgia like lethargy is almost the thing of the past. Brain fog almost not felt anymore. its like the true color of sunshine is now clear to me.  It seems that this hidden hpv wart is not harmless. Perhaps many fibro ppl hv similar hidden wart thing? I dont know

I know that the big one on my butt has yet reached the root as when i applied aldara, it is itchy...signifying abnormal cells or infected cells still there. I hate aldara as it causes fever and nausea,but i had to deal with it

Hope this helps

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Thank you
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Given everything you take, you should spread them out in your day. And take them after a meal.  Some of us have been taking Mushroom extracts available from Swanson to boost the immune systems along with vitamins, A, E, C with bioflavonoids, Zinc, Folic Acid, etc. Swanson has 2 brands that I recommend for Mushroom extract.

There is a good website which hopefully won't get deleted by the moderator here that lists what someone recommends to take. Click on this link below:

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