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Should I get tested for hpv if my boyfriend has hpv-related throat cancer?

We have been together 12 years and I have never tested positive for hpv. Is this an indication that he has cheated on me?
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Every woman should be tested for HPV (genital) every year or every two years when you visit your GYN. There is no FDA approved test for oral HPV. The only way to know if you have oral HPV is a biopsy of an oral wart or by an ENT doctor looking down your throat. Oral HPV can spread to others via kissing or sharing drinks but its not as easy as spreading genital HPV. If your throat is not sore, you should not worry about having oral HPV, but it would be a good idea to take another pap test. And to stay on top of any throat issue that may happen.

No this is not an indication he cheated on you. Oral HPV is more common among men who smoke cigs, drink alcohol and who have been infected by others. The good news is that it is treatable. I hope he recovers. Stay with him as he needs your support now more than ever.
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