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Soap & Water kill HPV on hands?

After examining myself, can I be sure the virus is off of my hands if I wash my hands ONCE with soap and water?
I have hpv genital warts and just wanna be sure I don't spread it anywhere on myself..

Also, a few questions..

I'm sure I've been infected with 2 strains of hpv genital warts because had first infection when 17 and they went away as far as I knew after being frozen off by my doctor. Then, when I turned 20-21, I have one or two pop up, but look different (tiny bumps) from first infection years back and I keep getting the tiny bumps every now and then in the past year. (doctor diagnosed them as warts again..had the acid done on them a couple times) ...

So, could I be spreading them by touching myself/self examinations?
I take vitamins every single day and A LOT of them...what could be the issue with my immune system not getting a grasp of this?
I think I may have some internally, but just a hunch, could those be treated successfully? ..don't want to pass it on to my baby in the future when getting pregnant.
Could not rinsing myself after sex with my monagomous partner of 2 yrs be triggering an outbreak of them with the left over ky lubricant and sexual fluids down there left to dry naturally?
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