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Soar throat

as a choice i decided i wasnt going to be with someone physically until i was married, that didnt happened when i meet this one guy, i ended up giving him head 2 times in a matter of an hour, waking up the next day i had a soar throat, im worried that this could be an STD or something else just as serious, i have a friend thats nurse and she told me that it could be because i wasnt involved with someone in a while and that could have caused it, can someone please help me, im a nervours wreck...:(
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It probably isn't an STD.  However, some STD's can cause sore throats.  Chances are though that this is probably being caused by something else.  Either way, see a doctor to see what is going on and to solve the problem.  But I really wouldn't worry.
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hey thanks, i woke up this morning and my throat was fine, i did go to the doctors and the doc said that i just have a soar throat, i did explain the situation, and shes said it was just a soar throat nothing more.. but thanks your coment made me relax a bit! i appreciate that!
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