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Squamous Papilloma -> Severe anxiety and depression over cancer possibility.

I am 36 yo male. 2 months ago I noticed a small white growth (omg) in my throat and I went to 2 ENT's told me its a papilloma and I can choose to remove it or leave it be as treatment is not medically necessary.

I chose to remove it because I couldn't stop looking at it and the biopsy confirmed its a squamous papilloma most often associated with HPV.

Two days after having it surgically removed I went to a gynaecologist to do oral HPV PCR test to see which type I had. I wanted to know if I had a low risk or high risk strain to see if I'm heading straight for cancer (HPV-16).

Unfortunately the test came back negative and I have no idea what to think. Does this mean the virus went dormant? Is it going to "wake up" in 10 years and kill me with throat cancer?

I read online there is a steep climb of throat cancers and I fit the profile: white, between 40-55, none smoking or drinking.

I have severe anxiety and depression over this and worried sick I'm heading straight for cancer. Is there something I can do besides pray that cancer doesn't strike me for my mistakes ?

How come the test came out negative if 2 days earlier I had a wart that is known to be caused by HPV? Did the test fail? My only thought is the test doesnt test for all the 200 strains and just some of them (cancer strains, genital warts strain). I have no idea what to think.

I cant sleep and cant eat for weeks now out of severe anxiety and depression that I ruined my life since I was always paranoid of HIV, but now its worse.

I will never go back to do any type of sex or kissing ever again.
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As you can see from this link, there is no FDA approved test for oral HPV. That PCR test was not going to be accurate for what you have. Oral HPV is actually very treatable by removing the wart.

Your depression lowers your immune system. Get some therapy. Meditate. Eat very healthy. Get more rest and sleep. Take vitamins and supplements that boos immune strength. Don't smoke cigs and don't drink alcohol. Exercise often. Lose weight. Do most of these things to get your body strong enough to fight the virus and boost your self-confidence. The cancer rate is very low. Do not assume you will get it or will get it in the next 30 years.
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I'm sorry that you are going through this. There is currently no test for oral HPV unfortunately. There are a lot of unknowns about HPV, but if you are going to worry every day for the rest of your life that a cancerous growth might occur, you will make yourself miserable. I am in the same boat as you, but the fact is that 90% of the time, the virus clears from the body. You treated the symptom well with the medical professions. The stress will make all of this worse; my advice is to try and forget you have HPV, first for 1 hour, then for a day, then for a week, to try and create a sense of normalcy in your life.
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