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Symptoms of Oral HPV

can someone pls let me know the symptoms of oral HPV ? does it cause hair loss or knee pain ? how long does it take to show symptoms to get diagnosed ? are there any possible tests for it ?
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I'm pretty sure I have oral HPV, probably low and high risk.  I have the following:

Burning in mouth
A lot of phlegm
Sometimes feels like something is stuck in throat
White tongue
Warts on lips

There is no FDA approved test, but you can take Orarisk offered by some dentists and QuestDiagnostics and some places do an oral swab test similar to a pap smear.  I think an ENT might be able to help you with the swab test if you request one.  

I hope you don't have it. But if you think you can do, I recommend regular check ups with an ENT and cancer screenings, since oral cancer is the main concern.  It seems like that's the only thing you can do, find the cancer as early as possible if it occurs (which I pray it doesn't).

Best wishes.  Take care and protect yourself and partners from now on.
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A lot of times, though, I've read that Oral HPV is asymptomatic, so a lot of people do not know they are infected unless there are warts (which are usually caused by low risk HPV-non cancer causing HPV).  However, as they always say, HPV infection normally clears up on its own in about 2 years.  To summarize:

1. None
2. Warts - lips, mouth, tongue, throat

Possible symptoms I've heard about from around the web:
1. Excess phlegm
2. Feeling of something in throat
3. Hoarseness in voice (caused by warts on voicebox)
5. Burning in mouth
6. Persistent sore throat

Oral HPV Tests:
1. No FDA approved test
2. Orarisk - noninvasive salivary test that identifies hpv strains
3. Oral swab/ pap smear - if you ask for it I think some doctors may do this, problem is hpv usually hides in tonsils or back of throat
4. If there is a lesion, a biopsy - normally how Oral HPV is diagnosed but must have a lesion or tumor

Good advice:
1. If you suspect you have oral hpv, try to improve immune system to make the virus dormant
2. Hey regular dental check ups and oral cancer screenings
3. Get scoped in throat by ENT regularly because HPV ofscopedten occurs in tonsils or throat

Good luck!!!
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Thanks a lot buddy. I do not have any other symptoms like excess phlegm, or feeling of something in throat.

Have never tried any test to detect if have been actually infected.

Only thing i can feel is little roughness on the upper throat, which is not looking like warts.

Do not know how or what to diagnose .. Kindly keep me posted if u find any.

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