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Throat HPV


So I've been struggling with my throat for a while, there are tiny red bumps on my oropharynx looking like cobblestone throat and small lumps under my tonsils, I have noticed them last year in August, ever since then sometimes my pharynx would give me a burning sensation especially in cold wet days and lately I've been experiencing sore throat and pain in my tonsils sometimes they would be covered with pus. I went to my GP and another dr and let them have a look, they didn't see anything unusual and one has told me that it's completely normal to have red pharynx due to the mucus, she also ordered CBC and leukocytes blood count and everything came back perfectly normal... a week later I developed a short lasting fever of 38.4C and the day after I started coughing, I don't have pain in tonsils it's been more than 2 weeks, just cough with yellowish phlegm in the morning and my voice is hoarse like it trembles when I talk sometimes, and I can't make high pitch sounds like before. I went back to my dr and she listened to my lungs with a stetoscope and everything was fine, she couldn't prescribe anything because of my good blood tests. I feel better now and sometime I have a feeling like smt is stuck in my throat. I don't have any visible wart looking things in my mouth, just those tiny bumps on pharynx and small lumps under my tonsils, none of them spread nor more appeared nor got bigger, they even look more calm in color than before. MY QUESTION IS: what are the chances that I might possibly have HPV? I had only one oral last year in march, and these things I discovered in august last year,oral lasted for about 3minutes, was that enough to catch hpv and does this sound like an HPV infection? Due to all the stigma in my country I didn't want to risk speaking to my dr.about this.
If anyone could answer I would be so thankful.
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You definitely should talk to your doctor about this. They legally can't talk about you outside the office and if they tried to shame you, F them.

Anyway, oral hpv is quite rare so I'd bet it's not that. Most likely it's overblown anxiety.
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Thank you for your response Dave, I most likely will:)

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