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Throat soreness from HPV?

On 05-10-10 I had oral sex with a girl. By Monday 05-17-10 my throat began to feel very sore (but it was a different sore than I had ever felt before).  Today (6-16) I noticed both lymph nodes are slightly swollen, and my throat feels very "heavy."  Almost like something is weighing down my throat.  This feeling has come and gone for the past month or so.  I recently learned that the girl I was with has "high-risk" HPV and cervical cancer; however I am uncertain of which strand of HPV (I have not been with any other sexual partners or contact).  Is it possible I have some viral infection from the HPV in my throat, possibly cancer? Would symptoms appear that quickly? Should I go to an OBGYN or an MD to check this out? And what tests should I get done (std testing, tests for hyper-/hypo thyroidism, cancer screening)?
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So you gave her oral sex?

Your right in thinking symptoms would not appear that quickly. Also oral HPV is very rare and unlikely.

There is a new test for high risk oral hpv, in which they take salivary swabs. You may be interested in that, they do it at specific dentistry places as its new. Although I doubt your symptoms are to do with high risk HPV or cancer. It usually takes a very long time before High risk HPV leads to anything serious.

Go to an ENT specialist about your throat if you are worrying
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here is the oral high risk HPV testing website, I think theres a section where you can find the nearest place to you!
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I had the feeling that there was something affecting my swallowing and an ENT dr. removed a papilloma the size of my pinky fingernail. not very big but when it's in the wrong place it feels huge. It's uncommon but I'm proof it's not unheard of. read my earlier posts if you want to hear my story about oral HPV.
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