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Treatment for HPV doesn't seem to be working, what now?

Ok, so I noticed a few warts about 8 weeks ago.  I have been with the same girl for 2 years.  She has  no signs or symptoms and has had her HPV vaccine.  I did not have any signs until now.  I have had cryo therapy twice (two different area) and it seems like shortly after the cryo therapy I end up getting more warts popping up in different areas.  I have been using Aldara on the area where I have warts.  I started taking multivitamins and a vitamin D this week to try and boost my immune system.  I am not physically active enough and figured vitamins and some exercise would help to boost my immune system.  What should I do? Is there anything that I should be doing that I am not?  This is really bumming me out and I can't find any good literature on how long I can expect this to continue.  
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You could ask your dr for other options, like tca which is some kind of burn-y acid, it tends to work for a lot of people.  I eventually had to have mine lazered off, that was 6 years ago and I haven't had any signs yet aside from what I hope is a skin tag I just found.
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I saw an Expert on HPV that removed mine. According to him, the reason why people have recorruences of warts is because they either freeze them, or acid on them, or leave them alone for too long. The best method to remove them is to have a fast removal. Meaning, get them cut off as soon as you see it. Why? Because the wart is the carrier of the virus particles. When you have the wart frozen or acid burnt, then it get injured and the virus spreads to surrounding areas of the skin. Hence why is very important to remove them as soon as they appear to prevent the wart particles from infecting surrounding areas causing more warts to pop up. If you do it surgically, then the wart is removed completely in one sitting and then all that follows is healing. The doctor must be good and know how to remove the base of the wart as well. During the healing time you can have sex at all and gotta monitor for any time of new growths in the area.
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