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This is not HPV Q. but other links didn't apply, was hoping you could answer anyway.
I have seen and been diagnosed with chronic "UTI's" (~12 in 18 months) by my PCP, Gyno, urologist and hospital Dr's while admitted for different matter. Was having symptoms but majority of time not all UTI symptoms, Just didn't feel right vaginally. Initially attributed to sexual activity after not being active for several years but they didn't subside. A year or so after initial onset began having vaginal pain with intercourse, generalized vaginal discomfort & swelling and thick discharge. Urologist prescribed uroquid to change  ph of bladder. "They" did become less frequent. Have had several pap smears & pelvic exams as a result during this time and recently during a CPE my PC said UA showed bacteria but didn't think it was UTI, probably contaminated during collection process. A few weeks later I had discharge that was purulent & thick at same time, had strong odor then turned greenish color. Gyno treated for yeast infection though didn't have "traditional" YI symptoms. Days later received call indicating I had trichomonas. Both myself and now husband, were treated.
I understand it's a bacterial infection from parasites and is sexually transmitted usually D/T multiple partners. Both myself and husband have been with exactly 2 people in the past 25 years, our ex-spouses and each other with probably five or more years between them and us.
Q 1. Could this be what was going on this whole time?
Q 2. Was I misdiagnosed by 3 diff. Dr's & hospital, none related in any way?
Q 3. How similar is trich bacteria to UTI that it never came up as such?
Q 4. Where could it have come from to begin with?
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Trichomonas is not a bacteria it is a Protozoa which is a type of Parasite. This parasite can survive on bathing suits and towels for 24 hours. Therefore it is possible to get this parasite without sexually contact. It is very contagious but not serious. Both you and your partner need to abstain from sex until both of you are treated and symptoms disappear.

Sorry I did not answer all of your questions but there is lots of basic info on the internet on this subject.
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