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Urethral Warts

I got warts in my urethra and it just started as a very small thing but it has grown a little bit in size now and it's about to get out (be visible) of the tip of my penis. (Everything sounds to be at the tip of the penis in the urethra)

There used to be some bleeding at the beginning but no matter how many times I went to hospital, I's told that they can't see and blood in my urethra. I got tested for STD's but they were all negative.

The girl I've been with for more than six months now has been diagnosed of abnormal pap smear and has been proved that she has HPV. (this of course means I got it too) She has no warts.

Now my big question to the doctor is, should I leave this so that they can go away on their own?
I have started exercising with good diet. Do urethral warts go away on their own or not? If they will, approx how long will it take for them to disappear? (NOTE, I have no warts in other parts)

If I must treat them, what's the safe way of doing this?

I shall appreciate your prompt reply.
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Hey. Warts do different things in different people. They either stay the same, grow in size or dissapear. It is up to you wether you want to risk the wart growing or be optimistic and hope it goes by itself. 90 percent of people get rid of the virus in 2 years, a minority have longer cases. It is good you have started exercising etc, take some vitamin supplements too especially for the immmune system as that plays a big role in getting rid of HPV and if you smoke then try to quit.

I'd suggest you get treated aswell as staying healthy, because treatment speeds up the healing process, and you risk the warts getting bigger if you just leave them. When you go to the clinic they will ***** the wart and decide the appropriate treatment. It all depends on how bad they are, where it is, size etc etc
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Sorry, that was meant to say access the wart *
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Dear mjep,

Treating the warts aggressively immediately after they appear is discouraged. They could still be emerging. Repeat treatment would be needed later.

HPV types 6 and 11, those associated with genital warts, tend to grow for about six months, then stabilize. Sometimes, visible genital warts go away without treatment.

When treatment is indicated, patients can get a prescription cream from their doctor to apply at home. There are two options:

    * Podofilox, or Condylox
    * Imiquimod, or Aldara

A doctor can show you how to apply these treatments. Podofilox is used for about four weeks. It works by destroying the wart tissue. Research shows that about 45% to 90% of warts are cleared, but in 30% to 60% of cases, the warts can come back.

Imiquimod boosts the immune system so it fights off the virus. Clearance rates range from 70% to 85%, but in 5% to 20% of cases the warts come back.

In addition, a doctor can provide other types of wart-removal treatments. Among the options:

    * Cryotherapy, the freezing off of the wart with liquid nitrogen
    * Trichloracetic acid, a chemical applied to the surface of the wart
    * Surgical removal, cutting the cells out with a scalpel
    * Electrocautery, burning off warts using an electric current
    * Laser vaporization or excision of the warts

Surgical removal may cure the problem in a single visit. Success rates for the other techniques range from about 80% to 90%.

Hope this has helped.
Lastly want to mention that without a doctors approval none of the treatments should be initiated.

Best wishes, john.
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Thanx Amie635 and Jhnmarton!!

Actually I heard that when it comes to urethral warts, the only things a physician can do is undertaking operation to remove it. But consequentially this leaves the urethra in a more vulnerable state to infections as it is always a wet area.

Now when it comes to creams, what cream can be applied in the urethra? (I mean at the tip of the penis)

Can Imiquimod (Aldara) be applied in the urethra too?

I have read so many articles about these things but I can assure you that the story gets to be different when you're the main character. It's scary...

Your help guys is greatly appreciated.

Again, I'm looking forward for a prompt reply.
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I was on that cream, I looked on the instructions in the pack and it said it must only be applied for external warts and not internal warts.

You may be right that the only thing you could do is surgery, as its a tricky place to get too. I think it would be worth it but it is up to you. If I find out any more information I will be sure to write it here.
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I found out If you have internal warts you will not be able to go about the same treatment options as another person would. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to use any of the solutions or acids that help to remove the warts because these things cannot be used internally. Instead, you will have to explore other treatment options such as electrocautery, surgery or laser treatment.
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Thanx Amie635!!

Actually this is what drives me crazy!! Don't know what to do.

Anyway, I'm trying to fight them naturally and will give you guys updates after 1 month.

No, this thing must leave me. I'm gonna knock it out.
how is it going now? it's been some time.
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Okay, i will look forward to your post in 1 months time

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Hi, how is your progress. Did you get ride of genital warts. I also have warts inside my urethra and the doctor said that the only thing he can do to remove them is through surgery. To make an incision at the top of the urethra and to remove them.
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Hi Sergiu,
Did your warts in your urethra were removed through surgery? What is the progress? Are you ok now?
I have the same issue and also i choose the surgery because now one could provide me an easier option - like creams/pills. After the surgery i stayed for 5 moths with a 4 cm cut on my penis and now i must go to the doctor to restore the cut. At the moment no wars are visible, only 1-2 small white dots...
Also, are there any medical tests that i can perform?
Sergiu are you from RO? If yes, can we talk via email? please reply, give me your email.

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I had hpv before and got cryo.. it has been gone for about a year or two.. and then I have another one even deeper now :'O I feel like crying...I have some kind of hpv again!! the embarrassment going to the clinic again.. but i must get this sorted.. only thing is this time it's even further down my pee hole.. and more painful.. don't know what to think or do...
hi, is there an update on this? what happened? have they gone?
hi, is there an update on this? what happened? have they gone?
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I got one just as yours at the very opening of my penis. I went to the doctor and I got it burnt with diathermy cable am yet to get healed from the wound. The doctor advised me to also take other STI tests
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