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Wart Lifespan and Removal

I have had genital warts for 3 years, and I was hoping that my immune system would have cleared the virus by now.  I have had them frozen and removed 6-8 times over this period and they always seem to come back.  The outbreak is not as severe as it was in the beginning but usually after 2-3 months I can notice that they start to redevelop.  It seems that I am an exception to the rule and that most people clear them with 6-24 months.   Any suggestions on a new or more effective treatment option?  How abnormal is it to have the GWs for this long?  The strain is low risk as my ex-girlfriend had an irregular pap smear followed by a biopsy.  She was informed that the strain she had was low risk and non cancer forming.  I am newly single and have been dating a girl for several months.  We have not been intimate and I plan on having the discussion with her before any sexual activity.  I have a very real fear that she will be scared away when we have this discussion, and I was hopefully that my body would clear the virus by now.  Any suggestions on a approach to take with her?  The weight of this conversation has been wearing me down for weeks and I am getting to the point where I fear I will have the GW for life and not be able to have a normal sexual relationship.  I do not want my partner to be in fear every time we get intimate.  Any help or suggestions on the forum would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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I posted this in on someone elses post but figured it would be better with yours since I am also a male with recurring HPV.

I have had a recurring HPV problem for over 10 years now. Recurring meaning every 3  to 5 months for the past 10 years I have to go to a doctor and get retreated. I have been to many different doctors and they all say it is the same thing in the same area. I’m 31 years old, healthy and workout with minimal drinking. This issue in men is extremely rare from what I read and from what doctors say. I’m far from a doctor but I think a few people are just unlucky and have to constantly deal with this issue. My HPV has not slowed down a bit and I’ve tried many different techniques.

The next step Im going to take is getting the Gardasil shots, which you should definitely do. You can also buy Aldara (Imiquimod) or Podofilox (Podophyllotoxin) which you can apply at home.

I have read a lot on this forum and all of the doctors say about 80% of sexually active people have HPV. From a relationship standpoint, honestly if someone leaves you just because you have HPV then they probably didnt love you in the first place. Take care and know your not alone. I feel your pain!
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IM a girl. i was seeing this guy that told me after we had already started sleeping together he had hpv.... i thought it was cancer and you can catch cancer so... i was ok im sure youll be fine. he never told me wat hpv really was so that ended when i realized he let me be stupid and think he had cancer. . i started seeing a really great guy a few months ago and now ive given it to him. we use podofilox 0.5% so, but my warts have came back and worse. they are small but spreading.. im so scared they will go inside (you know wat i mean rite) wat do i. this plagues me everyday... i just want this nightmare to end.
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I've not heard of many cases of HPV outbreaks lasting longer than 2 years really. Apparently 90 percent clear after 2 years. The only thing it could be is due to luck - you are unfortunately one of the minority that have stubborn cases of HPV which don't seem to go away. All you can do is try different treatments (Ask your docter) and stay healthy. Take some vitamin supplements like Vitamin A and C. Also try and stay calm and don't get stressed, if you've had any illnesses in the past which have given your immune system a bashing that may account for your unluck.

Stay strong. You are doing the right thing by telling your partner before you become sexually active, make sure you do it in person and explain exactly what it is, as there is a stigma attached to this virus. If he/she dosen't want to be with you because of it, its a matter of ignorence on there part, because no one speaks out about this condition and no one knows the facts, all they know is the horror pictures you see on google. If you have a strong bond, they should be understanding and sympathetic and be with you regardless.

Good luck
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