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Warts Keep Coming Back..Also I have this doubt

been living with HPV/genital wart for a year...i know i should wait until 2 years since that's the time range that most doctors are talking about (at least here, because doctors in my real life dont even mention it)...

but ever since my initial infection, i have had total 5 recurrences. I thought after last February i wont have another recurrence, but 4 months later (which is now) i finally have another one...im so frustrated. Been trying as best as i can to live healthy, eating multivitamins, etc. but it seems dont help much...

What do you guys think I should do? Usually i treat them with ACV (except the first infection which was treated with electrocauterization performed by my doctor). Well idk what happen but this time ACV didnt help. The wart stays there and it didnt even turn white after I applied ACV on it. Could it means i misdiagnosed it? Could it means this time it's not wart? Well it looked a bit different, more like an acne than the usual wart i encounter (it appeared below my balls, but every time i had wart, it always on different spot, each was always small though and never formed a group)...

Do you guys believe if i just let it stay there it could get off by itself?

Also, how do you guys/gals get a new date and say that you have genital warts-HPV type? I have fear that I would be rejected. That alone is very stressful :(

I know doctors keep saying 50% sexually active people have HPV and so on to make us feel good, but who cares when most of those HPV are so different from us? After all only 1-5% of people ever had genital warts...we are not the same with those who have HPV that dont cause anything...

My last question, when i dont have active lesion, can i infect my sex partner?
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first off don't worry about the time frame.  The frame is the frame and all you can do is put on the correct attitude until it's over.  I had five outbreaks over the course of a year exactly and now I've gone five months with no new warts.  You will too buddy.  Keep the faith and the hopefullness.  

Also, What you using ACV for? That stuff is an old wives tale.  Go to the doctor and have them remove it. Also, I forget the name but there is a solution that they can rub on it in the downtime that F's up the skin cells that supposedly disrupts the dna action of the HPV virus and can kill some warts before they start.  I had this applied twice after my last outbreak.  Don't know if it helped but I don't hvae anymore warts popping up.  Maybe my immune system did it or maybe both.  Anyway.  It's a brown liquid that comes from a plant derivative and it's a dry powder mixed with some stuff to produce the brown liquid.  You leave it on for 4-6 hours then shower it off.  

Oh, ACV doesn't turn all warts white.  It is not an accepted test for warts in this day and age.

It will get better on it's own but will take longer.  Plus you gotta look at it every day and feel bad.  

Dating blows.  No doubt about it.  I myself haven't had sex since september because that's when my girl and i broke up.  I've gone to bed with girls but then didn't know how to say it so I left my underwear on and claimed I just wasn't ready for sex yet.  Which is true.  I guess I just wanted to wait the six months doctors should say you should wait after your last wart removal to know you have dealt with the virus and you are not contagious anymore.  I'm stoked now as it's five months and I'm dating two great ladies so it seems that the end is in sight for me.  But remember, I suffered like you for damn near a year and a half.  So you always must keep your eye on the prize.  It will go away.  You will put this behind you, and it will be all good.  

Please let me know if you are still fighting with warts? I hope not anymore!
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mate, thank you so much for your support...

my question/doubt remains though...

well let's say our antibody has dealt with the virus forever after 2 years, can we still infect anyone even though the virus has been "compromised"? This is a big question, and i think nobody can really answer it 100%.

Also, if let's say we have HPV strain 6 (just an example), in the future if someone infect us again with the same HPV strain, would the virus get reactivated or we already immune to the same strain?
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You will be immune to strains you encounter in the future that are the same as ones you fought off already.  That's how the vaccine works too.  

You may never know whether you will be absolutely 100% non-contagious 100%.  But you have to look at it with logic.  HPV warts is very very common and the research is clear that at the latest two years the HPV DNA is undetectable to the most sensitive degree of detection.  No DNA no infection.  If you could be infectious beyond this time there would be stories all over the place of this happening yet there are not.  Also, the liklihood of this happening are less than getting struck by lightning.  Do you worry about walking around outside holding your girls hand on the fears that a bolt of lightning is gonna strike and she'll be injured or killed and it'll be all your fault because you led her to that exact spot?  No you don't.  We tend to focus on HPV differently of course for various reasons.  But the statistics and the stories basically forbid you from worrying about because it's just gonna F you up over nothing. YOu have to put your faith in the science.  And later, down the road if you feel better doing it, you can always say to a potential partner.  Yeah, I had HPV three years ago but I don't have it anymore.  And you can be speaking the truth.    

After you've gone six months without a wart popping up, you need to accept that fact that you are most likely 100% out of the woods.  
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mate, wait..i have something i dont understand

previously you said

"I had five outbreaks over the course of a year exactly and now I've gone five months with no new warts."

i thought you got this HPV one and half year ago? But then you mentioned you had HPV 3 years ago, so basically you needed more than 2 years before it disappear (at least in the past 5 months)?

and when it comes to undetectable DNA test, how do you know? How do they know? I dont think there's such test for HPV...or there is actually but only doctors who use it and select random people for observation?
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Let me clarify as either I misspoke or you misread.

I got warts on New Years Eve 2009 as far as I can tell, got my first wart towards the end of January and had five out breaks culminating in my final one towards the end of this past January.  I was treated immediately and have just now passed the five month mark since that day.  

As far as high-risk HPV goes, you won't know unless the girl you've been sleeping with has an abnormal pap smear.  Even then all you can do is safely assume you have it now.  They can test you for it technically as they must be able to because they do research on HPV in labs and so they do it there.  But there is no utilized test available for the general public.  

All you can do with HPV is take it a little slower when it comes to sex and accept a certain amount of risk.  Knowing a partners recent history (six months to two years) is the best place to start.  Another best idea is to find out when her last pap was so that you can know whether she might be at risk for passing on some high-risk HPV.  That's about it other than wearing condoms which we should be doing anyway.  If you don't know a woman, don't rub your junk on hers.  Do foreplay without that and don't go down on her.  That's about all I can say about that.
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mate, thanks so much for keep answering me.

Well from your case apparently you only had 5 outbreaks in just 2 years, which mean averagely it appears every 3-5 months...that is a good case for you (although it sux that you still got it after 2 years). Mine is way worse, ever since July 2010 i have had total 6 outbreaks already within a year (not even a year but almost).

4 days ago when I finally got my 6th outbreak (the wart was appeared behind my scrotum, not sure how it jumped there even...), i became so frustrated. Not because of the wart reappeared but because it appeared AT THE SAME DAY when i had to travel. Im still in europe atm and will be back at 29 june and ofc i will go to doctor as soon as 30 june.

At first i still had doubt whether it's a genital wart or something like acne because i easily grow acne on my back too. The form is a bit different from my usual genital warts, most of my warts in the past were always raised, but i knew during my first outbreak i also had 3 flat warts. This one prob look like those but i couldnt 100% remember as it was during my first outbreak (ever since then, the warts had been always raised).

however, looking at the fact after 4 and half days the size of this "bump" always stay as big as it was, i can confirm 100% it is not something like normal skin issue/acne. It must be wart, despite it's flat. I also could see yesterday the wart seemed like spreading, because there was like a very2 little dot (like grain of salt) but it was very unclear, standing right to the wart. After showering it with hot water, the little dot seems gone though. Now i only have this one bump im talking about. the fact that ACV wasnt able to treat it 4 days ago and it didnt even turn white, made me a bit frustrated...Im so afraid that if i couldnt treat this new wart within 8 days, it would spread again just like when I first got it :(

I honestly dont know how come I get it at THE SAME DAY when i had to travel. I rarely travel, maybe just once a year or even more...I've also heard that sometimes people simply dont treat their own warts and wait until it disappears on its own. Can i expect my wart to disappear on its own or would it spread (considering i've been fighting this virus for a year so obviously case is different now compared to a year ago)
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and yeah, i know that i should just go to doctor to treat it but obviously i cant go to doctor before i come back home at 29 june (which mean i will meet the doctor at 30).

im so afraid that by then the warts have, once again, spread. Not sure if my body has been really fighting off the warts in the past one year because tbh i rarely find someone who have had 6 outbreaks within just a year...

good news is i always make a slow but good progress from time to time. Interval between each outbreak has been always longer. First to second outbreak was just 2 weeks, second to third was 4 weeks, third to fourth was 9 weeks, fourth to fifth was 12 weeks, and fifth to the latest one was 15 weeks.

I dont know if it's actually predictable but i dont want to believe my next outbreak will be 16-20 weeks from now, i hope it's not. I hope this is my last one. It isnt so bad though that if i grow another wart by 16-20 weeks from now, better than if it comes sooner because i remember my doctor said it's a random thing (which mean it can come sooner than 15 weeks in my case)
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Just to reclarify, New years eve 2009 to January 2011 is one year.  I had an out break every two plus months.  

Also, I soaked my junk in ACV for half an hour two or three times and nothing ever happened.  Forget about ACV.  

You just have to keep the faith man.  Your body is fighting it off and you just gotta put your head down and wait it out.  Drink tons of water and I mean tons. YOu'll be amazed how much water your body can hold and I believe it makes a big difference.  How I don't know.  Don't worry about the treatment, just see it when you get back.  It won't change anything.  It is unpredictable except for the fact that it will go away.  So just wait it out.  
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ok...well yeah i have this final outbreak within a year still, so i hope this would be the last (or at least i wont have any other outbreak after 2-3 more times after this).

Not sure what triggered it but yesterday morning i got another 4 small white dots (these things definitely look like warts i had before) on top of my penis. My 6th outbreak in a year. We have different time interval though it seems...for you the interval seems constant (every two plus months) while mine has been keep going longer. Not sure if it's just coincidence but my 2nd outbreak happened just 2 weeks after my initial outbreak. While the 6th outbreak happens 4 months after my 5th one
how did it go? did your body reacted and cleared it out?
how did it go? did your body reacted and cleared it out?
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Yeah, they can be quite different.  There are 40 or more strains of genital HPV but I don't know how many of them are the wart kind.  Suffice to say different strains do different things.  I'm am confident however that yours will go away.  Think that, even if you have outbreaks for a year and a half and then the six month wait takes you to two years, they will still be gone and you've got the rest of your life to rock solid but with new awareness.  It does suck though in the moment but it is bearable.  Just keep your psyche healthy in the meantime.

My outbreaks were a little weird.  I got my first wart within 4 days or two weeks after exposure (I had two unprotected episodes with this woman).  I had it till march I think before I reomoved it and then in may sometime I got my other one.  The first two were just single warts.  Then in july I got four.  Then early November three more.  Then in January I got three more.  That was the last time I heard from them (knock on wood).  

Remember me talking about that brown liquid you can rub on yourself down there?  I wish I could remember the name but not too much research should be able to come up with it.   You should get treated then a couple/few weeks later get retreated with this stuff or at the time of treatment depending on what your doc thinks.  I recommend it as it may have worked for me.  
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How are you all going now? Please update would love to know how you’re doing and if they have gone and not come back now in 2018!
Yeaa me too I need to know how yall doing. I had my first outbreak 3 months ago and it seems that earts pop every 1 to 2 weeks with my situation.  I burnt them off twice and they keep coming bak . Now am using home remedies like Aldara and freezing them with Drm Scolls Warts Freeze . I think I got a long way to go

You say you have a long way to go and you do, relatively speaking, or you don't, relatively speaking.  If you got warts for the first time 3 months ago, you'll have out breaks every 1-2 weeks to 3 months for the next 7-15 months.  In some cases, people have outbreaks for about 24 months but the most common is around a year.  You should expect the common experience first, then adjust your perspective if they still outbreak after that.  Your job during this time is to do to the doctor or dermatologist when you have a new outbreak and get them removed.  Do this every time.  Until you stop having outbreaks, you will be highly contagious this whole time.  Don't have unprotected sex at any time during this year to two year period.  Eventually, somewhere between 1-2 years after your initial outbreak, you'll go 3 months without any.  This is when you can become cautiously optimistic that you're nearing the end.  After 6 months of no new warts, become quite optimistic. If you've gone about a year, then I'd consider myself over that period of warts.  You'll still have the virus, but your body will have suppressed it's action so that you most likely aren't contagious anymore.  However, this virus is a weird one because there are many different strains and many different immune systems.  Best of luck with your journey.  
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