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Warts in ***

hi im 20 years old, gay male... i have been diagnosed with chlamydia about 8 months ago. i did the treatment and i'm cured now. i got a test for all STDs (including HIV) and it turned negative. about two months ago i realized i have 2 "warts" in my ***, they are small, but they are there. they dont hurt at all. sometimes they bleed a little, but just a little every now and then (lets say when i go to the bathroom).
i have no other symptoms. I was trying to do a research about this over the internet, but i couldnt find too much informaiton about it.
do you think this is HPV?  could it be something else?

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You can read through posts on this forum to learn about HPV... You question whether those bumps can be warts can't be answered unless you are seen by a doctor for acurate diagnoses... Please see a doctor and you an always come back to this forum with your questions and discuss about treatment options...
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