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Warts keep growing 6 months on!!!

Hi, I've been having genial wart treatment for almost 6 months now. I have them bad, they've been in my penis head, under the foreskin, loads in and around my anal passage and on my scrotum. I tried electrosurgery first and that zapped them away but they came back. I tried acid which didn't really seem to work. I tried aldara which irritated everything but didn't seem to impact the warts. I've been using warticon which painfully gets rid of them but what happens is the skin grows back a week later, but then the week after that warts magically reappear. I can't keep living my life in suck pain and the warts don't seem like going away anytime soon. I had thought that they would stop growing after 6 months.

Any advice please? I'm desperate to move on with my life! Thanks
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