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Hello and thank you for reading. I'm looking for responses from people who have warts or who have had experience with people who have had warts. About 2 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a female. Several days later I noticed inflammation on the rim of my penis located on the right side. The inflammation resided and proceeded to affect the left side. I went to my family doctor and got tested for herpes and HIV. Both were negative and my doctor did not feel the need for an HPV test. Two days after the doctors visit while the rash sensation was on the rim of my penis located on the left side, I noticed 3 red small bumps. The bumps are not in cluster formation and sometimes irritate when I put on lotion or baby powder after a shower. They do sometimes itch as well and are only visible when I retract my foreskin. The bumps are steadily losing the reddish color and size but still are somewhat visible. Could these be warts or some kind of bacterial infection? I've read all the symptoms for genital warts and they say the warts are painless, cluster formation and often associated with discharge of the penis. I have yet to read if warts are irritating during growth or look like red bumps in early stages. I have another doctors appointment Monday and I will ask for an HPV testing. Any opinions? Thank you very much for reading.
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There is no HPV testing... only a doctor can visually take a look at it and with his/her experience tell you if you have HPV or not.. I would say go to a STD clinic since they are the most experienced ones because they look at these things every day...
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