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What are the Symptoms of HPV. I am now concerned

I am 26 years old and last year was diagnosed with an STD (Trich). However, shortly after finishing medication I developed a pain in my lower abdomen or pelvic region. It wasn't until this year around May that I was diagnosed with fibroids. I received a pap test last year when I went in for an STD check. The pap smear showed normal cells. Is it possible the pain that started last year is from HPV and not fibroids? I go for another pap and STD check next month. Please help. The only symptom I have is the pelvic ache that comes and goes. I was on BC and it helps a lot with the pain. I guess it was shrinking the fibroids. Now I am off BC, and the pain is coming back but it is mild and not severe like it was last year. The pain also stays for a short period of time and leaves.
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Hello. Sorry to hear about your situation. I wish I had more to tell you about it, but unfortunately, I don't have enough information on this topic to say anything worthwhile. There's not too many people who comment on this forum these days so, if any of them turn shed light on your situation, that be great, but I'm willing to think that you might not get the best of answers here. Your situation is different than the normal HPV questions people have around here so your best bet is actual medical professionals. Sorry I couldn't help more! And best of luck
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