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What is the best way to treat intra anal warts (HPV)?


I am gay and currently having anal warts. I practiced unprotected sex with my ex bf when we're together for six months. The last time we had it was a year ago and had protected sex with few other guys. Just recently, I noticed some small bumps around my hole and I suspect HPV,so, I went straight away to one of the STI clinics here in Dublin. They did a full STI screening and confirmed it was HPV. It was removed through fulguration and was happy with the results. A few days past when I read an article about the possibility of having an internal ones also. It compelled me check what's inside and indeed felt some small bumps. I got worried and went to the clinic back again. He tried to remove visible internal warts but I wasnt sure if that's the end of it. He prescribed me with Aldara cream and instructed me to apply it inside. When I got home, I tried to check and small bumps were still present. I read some online articles and found out that the cream can cause autoimmune disorder if used internally, but, desperate enough to get rid of the lesions, I still used it coz some claimed it to be effective. Still, I'm not so convinced about this that I have to get an appointment for a proctology consultation which will be in two weeks time. I need to observe for some improvements down there so I can rule out the surgery option. Any thoughts about this guys?

Thanks in advance for those who can shed a light on me for this. Happy days!
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Your proctologist will insert a tube in your anus and look insider for signs of infection (warts). The cream can be used in lieu of surgery but surgery is the best course of action. Some gay men are getting anal smears (like a female's pap smear) to detect HPV but that isn't going to remove them.
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