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What kind of risk is there for my new girlfriend if my ex had cervical problems?

I have a new girlfriend that I want to keep safe.  I have been tested for almost every STD I can be tested for, but there is something still on my mind.  While I was with my ex girlfriend (from a bit over 2 years ago) she had an abnormal pap smear and a cone biopsy. She told me she had abnormal or precancerous cells removed from her cervix while she was still a virgin, probably around the time she was 15, which I don't know if I should believe or not since I see so many contradicting things on whether or not such things could occur without HPV.  My new girlfriend has an autoimmune disease and her body isn't as able to fight off infections as most people.  From the time that I would have been exposed to my ex's HPV, if she had it, to now is a little over 3 years.  How much of a risk is sex with my new girlfriend to her and how do I go about telling her about my concerns?
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The risk will always be present. Virgins getting HPV is rare but not impossible.  No one can tell you the odds  of transmitting it. Just tell her the truth and go the CDC site for facts.
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