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What should I expect my doctor to prescribe for HPV?

I recently found two small condylomas around my anus and was referred to a proctologist for treatment. I paid him a visit this past Thursday and he froze the warts and applied something for the pain then prescribed an ointment to be applied locally by myself during the next couple of days. I have a standing appointment now for this Monday

However, besides treating the symptoms is there something I should additionally be prescribed by him?
Wont these condylomas just come back after time (as I've read is likely to occur)?

I know most of you will link me to helpful sites regarding this virus and even draw advice from your own experiences, which I appreciate. However I would GREATLY appreciate to be told what I should expect from my doctor and what I should do if these expectations are not met.
Thank you!
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Also I know there is a vaccine available. Would I be eligible? I'm a 23 yo male.
He should also know where I'd be able to get it right? I guess I'm just trying to make sure this guy is covering all his bases :p
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I failed to mention the cream he prescribed has Imiquimod which I believe will help strengthen my immune system correct?
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getting the vaccine after you've had warts is a little late. typically if you've had warts, we no longer recommend the vaccine. you can discuss with your provider if it's worthwhile getting the vaccine to help prevent future infection with the 2 types associated with oral and genital cancers.  

will your warts come back? only time will tell.most people don't have them reoccur after removal but those aren't the folks who tend to go to the forums and tell their stories :(  

imiquimod helps your immune system fight off the hpv at the site it's applied. it doesn't work for everyone and can take up to 3 months to work even when it does.

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