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What type of HPV is it

I thought I had a small abrasion on my penis after sex with a tight fitting condom which irritated my skin. However after a few months this roundish red spot had not gone away.

I thought it might be some type of scar, but when I had my Dr. take a look he told me that it was HPV and prescribed aldara.  I have not yet started the Aldara because I have read a lot of scary reports about sideeffects and other problems and as this is a family Dr. who treats mostly children I am going to get a second opinion.

However he did not state what strain of HPV this could be from. From reading, most visible warts do not come from the high risk strains 16 and 18, but then I've read that 16 can present some visible symptoms. Is there a possibility that this is a high risk strain and that I my partner may be at risk for cervical cancer?
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Currently, there are no FDA approved hpv diagnostic tests available for male... HPV is an infection caused by a virus with over 100 different variations or subtypes.. A virus is an organism which must enter a living cell and “hijack” the cell’s machinery in order to make more virus... 30 out of the 100 HPV subtypes are sexually transmitted by direct genital contact during vaginal or anal intercourse... “Low risk” subtypes of sexually transmitted HPV (such as HPV-6, HPV-11) cause 90% of genital warts...

HPV infection is currently the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease; likely as
common in men as in women... Sexually transmitted HPV infection usually has no signs or symptoms... 70% of those with sexually transmitted HPV infection will clear the virus from the body through the immune system spontaneously after 18 months and 90% after two years.. The younger the person with sexually transmitted HPV infection the shorter the time the body takes to clear the virus and the higher the likelihood of complete clearance.. HPV DNA testing is available but reliable only for identifying CURRENT INFECTION not past HPV exposure...
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