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White bumps in my anus?

I had some wart-like bumps around the outside and very inside of my anus, I used apple cider vinegar to remove the wart. Now the warts are all gone, but being so worried, I have been looking in my anus, taking pictures to see what it looks like. I now see two sort-of large white bumps in my anus/rectum. They don't seem to be wart-like, seem rally round, feel like skin. A small bit of blood comes from the area, but nothing extremely serious. I am worried that these bumps are HPV warts which might be canerous. I went to an urgent care doctor the day before yesterday, and she said that I looked fine. She didn't look inside my anus or anything. They don;t hurt really bad or anything, I'm just very worried. Should I get a Pap-smear to see if they're cancerous, or could they just be hemorrhoids? Please let m know if you have any ideas. I do have pictures of the sores, please let me know if these can help. I am applying for doctors now, and have a schedule for HPV immunization the week after next.
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