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Why is my experience with Genital Warts so different than everyone else?

I was diagnosed with genital warts back in 1997. I was given imiquimod and everything cleared up until my pregnancy in 2003/2004. My OBGYN would not give me treatment at that time even after multiple requests. My child was born without incident and is HPV free. Since 2004 I have been to four different docs that have either told me creams are ineffective and they wouldn’t consider freezing since they often come back. I had lost faith in the medical community. I live with 2 clusters, that did not go away on there own, or spread like many people say, for years. Embarrassed and feeling hopeless. I recently got so fed up I started researching ways to handle this myself and found Vidarox. No need to be turned down by another doctor or have someone tell me this is no big deal just live with it. I have been using the Vidarox for a week and I am seeing changes! Praying all of the reviews are really true. My question is - how can I go almost 6 years with no active warts and then when they come back they don’t go away for 14 years?? If everyone else is supposed to be free of them after no reoccurrences for 2 years and most people see them go away on their own, why am I so different? Will I ever be free of this like people are saying? Why do so many people act like it’s no big deal? I have felt so horrible for so long and embarrassed to ask for help after all of my experience with different docs. They just looked down on me and told me to deal with it like I gave it to myself. I haven’t been able to connect sexually in so long and I just want my life back! Praying that Vidarox is my answer!  
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