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Will HPV Genital Warts go away!?

As of January 2018 I was diagnosed with genital warts. The doctor used Podophyllin and the warts were gone for a month and a half. Then towards the ending of March they came back again. The doctor used Podophyllin once again and the warts went away but to come back 3 weeks later. This was an on going for another 2 months. I recently got my last treat of Podophyllin at the ending of June. The doctor said if the warts come back I might have to go to a dermatologist and do Cryotherapy, which I’m trying to avoid. Does anyone know these warts keeps recurring monthly?? This is horrible.
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First off, sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

The reason that your warts keep reoccurring monthly is because that's what HPV does for the first year or maybe two years in some cases. There are many different strains of HPV that cause warts, and so the frequency of outbreaks and the length of time one has outbreaks for can vary. In general, though, you can expect to have more outbreaks every 3 to 12 weeks for around a year and maybe up to 2 years. Don't be afraid of cryotherapy. In my experience, having warts burnt off with liquid nitrogen or Electro cauterized doesn't hurt that bad and has never left a scar on me. Anyways, what you're going to have to do is realize that you've got about 2 years of dealing with this ahead of you. Most likely you will have outbreaks like I said for around a year. At some point, you will have realize that you've gone 6 months without any new warts appearing. At this point you can start to become more hopeful that perhaps your body is starting to gain control of the activity of the virus. Between 6 months and a year of not having any warts, I would get pretty hopeful that you've put it behind you. And if you haven't had any warts for over a year, then you can be quite confident that you have suppressed the activity of the virus. You will still have it, but it's not active and you should not be contagious. Periods of extreme stress or immune system suppression can cause a virus to become active again. Anyways, I hope most of this helps answer your questions.
As of July it’s been going on for 6 months. I drink 1000mg of vit.C along with taking other vits with only 1 month of them not appearing. I’m not under stress at least I don’t think I am and my immune system is not suppressed in any type of way. Hopefully they will clear soon. Hopefully cryotherapy will do the job. Thank you for the information.

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