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Will warts come back if we have sex again?

Hi, I discovered that I have genital warts last April 23, 2018. And the doctors cautered it by April 25, 2018. It is almost 4months ago. And my boyfriend is also the same boyfriend I have up until now. We didnt break up. Will warts come back if we have sex again?
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Most warts reoccur periodically for about a year after your first outbreak. The fact that you've gone four months without another outbreak is a little unusual to me, but then again, I don't keep tabs on the length of time between each person who has warts outbreaks. It's entirely possible that you will have more outbreaks in this next 6 months, but it won't be from having sex again. If you are in a long-term committed relationship, and you've already had unprotected sex and now have warts, he may already have them. If he doesn't, then it's his choice to wear protection to protect from getting it, but having sex will not be the cause of any future outbreaks for you. Unfortunately, you now have the virus.
Thanks, SkaterDave! My doctor says that I got those genital warts from my boyfriend. But my boyfriend did not go to a urologist to be checked. My question is, if we happened to have contact again. Will the warts passed again or reoccurred again to me because of that same partner that passed me that warts? Is it dangerous or not? I used to have a cervarix vaccine. I already done 2 dose. My last dose is on November. I will be happy if you answer this again. Because Im afraid I might be getting warts again or it will be dangerous for me again with my long time boyfriend to have those contact with my bf.
If he has warts, you’ll more likely get recurrence, hpv viral load on warts is very high, it is not advisable to have sex if either one of you still have the warts.
Common practice is to have both you treated and make sure no outbreak or recurrence in atleast 6 months..
Abstainig from sexual contact until full clearance should be the practice.. hope this helps.
Where were the warts located? Can you use protection just to be a bit safer?
If neither of you have had any warts in a few months you should be ok. Having sex will not "cause" them to come out again. And if you both have the virus already the doctors here on old posts said you cannot ping-pong back and forth since your body's immune system should handle it.

Another friend had warts once years ago and got them treated, and never got a second outbreak and her paps were normal after that. Nothing you can do but wait and see if they return.
Hi JoeWhite83 and WonderingWhatIsThis! My long time boyfriend did not go to the urologist to be checked. This november 25 I am 6 months free from warts. Will it ever come back again if we have sex? He’s still ny boyfriend and hes the one who passed me the warts according to my doctor. But We still dont know if he has warts i dont know how much needed to be checked by a urologist here in the Philippines were financially not ready to the money needed in that, thats why we have to save for him to be checked. But the truth is we still didnt do it yet. But the warts come from two sexually active people. We didnt had sex yet. The contact came from our private parts “touching” so i am asking if I have ready to have sex with him. Will my warts come back? :( because I am planning to gave my virginity only to him :(

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