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Worried about possible HPV. (Please respond)

I am a nervous wreck because I've been worried that I can possibly have HPV. It all started about a year and a half ago when I stupidly received oral sex from someone that can be labeled as a prostitute. Ever since then, Things just haven't been the same for me. Every little symptom that occurs worries me even if im probably over reacting. Since theres no possible test to detect HPV in men, I don't know for sure if i have it or not. Some of these symptoms include my urethra tip looking inflamed, red, and scaly like a pair of lips or something. Up to a day after this sexual encounter, I felt a tingling feeling in my penis or something but it wasnt anything serious. I thought it could be due to a skin reaction because on the same day of this encounter, I washed my penis with HAND SOAP and water. But now a year and a half later, the same thing is still there but the tip of my penis looks a bit wrinkled and tan. Ive told the doctor about this and he thinks it doesnt look concerning. Other symptoms that are worrying me are weird mouth symptoms. I think my wisdom tooth is coming in and Idk if that is whats causing symptoms in the mouth or its an HPV infection that i dont know about. There seems to be an infection behind the molar where the wisdom tooth is coming in that looks abnormal (Looks like a small crater in the palate or something) (I always tend to worry if its cancer caused by HPV or not). I also tend to spit out white globs from the mouth. and my gums have been irritating me alot more lately but again idk if this is because of the wisdom tooth Another weird symptom that's been stressing me out is a swollen lymph node in the left side of the neck and a swollen lymph node in the back of the neck on the right side. These lymph nodes tend to shrink and rise throughout the day. I do have asthma and A deviated septum which causes me to barely be able to breathe through my nose. But I've had these problems for years and just noticed the enlarged lymph nodes months ago which is why im concerned that it can be linked to an HPV infection in my system. Just recently, Ive developed this constant clog feeling in my throat that causes me to constantly have to clear the throat. It can go off and on for hours. I cant help but have a feeling that this is all linked to HPV in some way and am worried about this.. Any information and advice to help ease my stress would be highly appreciated.
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Hi MillerMed316,

I've read through your post entirely.

I've researched HPV a lot and would consider myself somewhat of an expert. I've also had the genital warts strain of HPV myself so I know what those visible signs look like.

From research I've done, the chance of contracting oral HPV is a lot lower than in the genital warts area. That's not to say its impossible to contract but I think its a lot less likely from receiving oral sex whether she's a prostitute or not.

My advice regarding your penis is try and get a second opinion. It might be just dry or some kind of yeast infection which can happen.

It mentions bathing your penis in salt water which can kill any form of yeast infection.

As for your wisdom teeth coming through, this could be causing your glands to be up. Also raised glands could be some other generic virus.

Are you eating enough fruit/vegetables? Consider taking a vitamin supplement to boost your immune system too.

My advice to you is try and stop getting so worried. Just try and get second opinions from other doctors and tell them your concerns.

I hope this helps you MillerMed316
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