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Worries, but expected

Okay here it goes.  I'm 27 years old.  I have only had one penetrative sexual partner in my life, my ex gf who I had sex with the first time at 25 2/10.  Previous to this, my only experience with possible STD transmission was with a girl that gave me oral a few times10/09.  She said she had HSV2 not 1.  I kissed her alot never had a problem in my mouth.  Also, I read that unless there is genital to genital with a person that has genital herpes, then oral transmission is not a risk if they only have genital.  Hope it's true  Meanwhile, after me and my ex broke up, she had sex with someone and tested positive for herpes during 3/10.  However she was also diagnosed with a yeast infection from that same test. Wondering if there was a misdiagnosis.  She's been on Valtrex everyday since the diagnosis.  We had sex countless times with a condom for about 6 months 4/10-10/10.  Then we split again...During this time, I got oral from 2 different women and that's all, no condom.  Then my ex and I hooked back up again having sex around 3/11 for about a month.  Then we started again around 8/11-10/11 and we've stopped again, except this time, we had sex with no condom for a couple months, about 10 times unprotected.  She was still taking valtrex.  Well, since then, as of about a week ago, which is about a week after we stopped having sex again (unprotected), I noticed a bump on the top of my shaft.  It's got larger, but is still small it's skin colored and it doesn't hurt.  Is it possible HSV or HPV?   I've waited so long to avoid STD's and have very limited experience, just one person and that would be terrible, but I know it's only fair if it is.  I also had warts on my hands for about 1 1/2 and I used an herb to treat them, and they've disappeared, it's called bloodroot.  Is it possible I already had another strand of HPV in addition to my hands?  I know this is long but thanks.
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Its hard to say. I think the best thing to do is get checked by a dermatologist who can tell you exactly whats going on.

People will tell you that having an active sexual life means that you have HPV. However, i don't agree with it completely. For the HPV, i think it is hard to tell without a visual diagnosis from a doctor. So get that done as soon as possible.

For the HSV. You said your ex was diagnosed with HSV? Genital HSV? Even though she was tested , not all tests are accurate. You need a type specific test. And if she was diagnosed with HSV-1 , that doesn't mean she has genital HSV, could mean they are oral cold sores. IF you had unprotected sex with her, she  may still have some viral shedding which makes you likely to catch it as well. I don't want to scare you, I'm just telling you what i think. Im not a medically licensed professional to give you a diagnosis or advice.

Wait at least 3 months past the exposure date. Go and get a WESTERN BLOT  herpes specifc test done.

Good luck!
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thanks.  i'm plan to get tested for specific tests in 6 days.  since then, the bump has went down, also the fact that i used a couple of drops of bloodroot, which i used for my hand warts previously may have helped as bloodroot is good for all kinds of skin bumps.  i hope it's a friction bump as i have heard masturbation with no lube can cause such, and i have done this as well.  either way, i'll know what's going on shortly and it has been going down, still painless.  thanks again.
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